What’s on my Facebook timeline? (A February Wrap Up)

Yes, I always log-on to Facebook.  I don’t know if I am an oversharer or not. (Denial!) I like posting photos and other interesting things that I fancy. No, I do not rant on Facebook. That is what my family is for. (They are my sounding board. hahaha).

January was like a blur. I had a full schedule that I did not have time to have a meaningful reflection of what happened. February schedule was lighter so here I am at the end of the month trying to makes sense of my February. 😀

After all the work I did last January, I relaxed a little that I noticed that I have these on my table. Different people have brought me gifts from their trips (Well, except for Yoda. I folded that.) These are my work buddies. I should find something Filipino to add to my collection.

All the work in January left me with so much laundry. No, I do not hang my dirty laundry in public. (Corny. I have to rub that in.)   The hardworking laundry woman (that’s me) needed some energy booster. And for less that P25, I found the combination of pineapple pie, donut, coffee+ milo+marshmallow very, very filling.

A few days later, I got my Risa Chocolates loot. My friend is a Chocolate Passion Officer of Risa Chocolates and when she shared that there is a 20% discount offered through multiply.com, I quickly grabbed the opportunity. I felt I deserve this splurge for working hard. (haha excuses!). Risa Chocolate is not your regular store-bought chocolate.  These are premium chocolates made with passion.  Read about them here. (And, no, I was not paid to write this down. In fact, I paid for my chocolates so I am not sharing. Hehe) Like them on Facebook.

A big deal in February is Valentine’s day. Who said I did not have a date? I did and it was a she pero tinulugan ako! LOL

I cooked Valentine’s dinner for the family. For P380, I was able to feed 5 people.

When my cousin saw the photo, he could not believe this only costs P380. Well, it can be done.  So let me share the breakdown of expenses.

One Sunday, we had lunch in my uncle’s place and we picked some flowers for the altar (upper right). I snapped photos of gumamela and santan.

There were guavas, too. We brought some home. We can’t resist so we ate one along the way.

I was busy during the third week of February with some projects that I rewarded myself Nutella smores.

I stayed indoors for the past week because of rain. For four days, this is how our street looks like.

See the dry area on the foreground? At least we have an exit along that road.  The flood is only a few inches high in the street. Our house is dry.

So, how’s your February?

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