What’s on my Facebook timeline? (A February Wrap Up)

Yes, I always log-on to Facebook. ¬†I don’t know if I am an oversharer or not. (Denial!) I like posting photos and other interesting things that I fancy. No, I do not rant on Facebook. That is what my family is for. (They are my sounding board. hahaha).

January was like a blur. I had a full schedule that I did not have time to have a meaningful reflection of what happened. February schedule was lighter so here I am at the end of the month trying to makes sense of my February. ūüėÄ

After all the work I did last January, I relaxed a little that I noticed that I have these on my table. Different people have brought me gifts from their trips (Well, except for Yoda. I folded that.) These are my work buddies. I should find something Filipino to add to my collection.

All the work in January left me with so much laundry. No, I do not hang my dirty laundry in public. (Corny. I have to rub that in.) ¬† The hardworking laundry woman (that’s me) needed some energy booster. And for less that P25, I found the combination of pineapple pie, donut, coffee+ milo+marshmallow very, very filling.

A few days later, I got my Risa Chocolates loot. My friend is a Chocolate Passion Officer of Risa Chocolates and when she shared that there is a 20% discount offered through multiply.com, I quickly grabbed the opportunity. I felt I deserve this splurge for working hard. (haha excuses!). Risa Chocolate is not your regular store-bought chocolate.  These are premium chocolates made with passion.  Read about them here. (And, no, I was not paid to write this down. In fact, I paid for my chocolates so I am not sharing. Hehe) Like them on Facebook.

A big deal in February is Valentine’s day. Who said I did not have a date? I did and it was a she¬†pero tinulugan ako! LOL

I cooked Valentine’s dinner for the family. For P380, I was able to feed 5 people.

When my cousin saw the photo, he could not believe this only costs P380. Well, it can be done.  So let me share the breakdown of expenses.

One Sunday, we had lunch in my uncle’s place and we picked some flowers for the altar (upper right). I snapped photos of gumamela and santan.

There were guavas, too. We brought some home. We can’t resist so we ate one along the way.

I was busy during the third week of February with some projects that I rewarded myself Nutella smores.

I stayed indoors for the past week because of rain. For four days, this is how our street looks like.

See the dry area on the foreground? At least we have an exit along that road.  The flood is only a few inches high in the street. Our house is dry.

So, how’s your February?

Get the beach body of your dreams in five easy steps

Are you going on holiday this year but worried about stepping out on the beach in your bikini? If so,¬†you’ve¬†come to the right place. Here are five stress free tips that‚Äôll help you shape up in time for summer.

 Hit the gym

Getting that well-toned body requires some physical activity (even though we wish it didn‚Äôt), so why not hit the gym? Go for a run on the tread mill; work up a sweat on the cross trainer; or give the rowing machine a go. You could even book into an aerobics class, try your hand at Zumba or see what Pilates is all about ‚Äď so don‚Äôt make excuses. Liposuction surgery can remove fat in difficult places, but a decent exercise regime could do the trick ‚Äď naturally.

Make the most of the great outdoors

If you hate the gym, make the most of the great outdoors. Enjoy a relaxing bike ride through the country, take the family on a weekend hike or treat the kids to a fun-filled outing. Keeping active will help you burn calories and should take your mind off food. Shaping up should be fun, so pack your life full of adventure and get fit in style.


Improve your diet

There are many ways to look beautiful this summer, but a well-balanced diet can help. Eat three nutritious meals at regular intervals throughout the day and chomp on wholemeal bread, vegetable sticks or cans of soup if you feel peckish (as these will keep your energy levels up). Many people think avoiding carbohydrates is the best way to diet, but your body needs a range of nutrients, so don’t cut out an entire food group altogether.

Use visual stimuli

Heading to a luxurious place this summer? Then put a picture on your fridge for inspiration. Imagine walking along an exotic beach in a brand new bikini and stop yourself from overeating. We all need a little encouragement from time-to-time, so make the most of visual stimuli. It’s also a good idea to put a calendar in an obvious place, so you can see how long you’ve got before you leave. Seeing the days fly by could spring you into action and keep you motivated.


Pamper yourself

Take good care of yourself and feel beautiful in time for summer. Follow a healthy eating plan and enjoy regular exercise ‚Äď but make sure you pamper and preen. A little relaxation‚Äôs good for the soul, so enjoy a massage at a beauty parlour or course of Botox with a reputable company. Many clinics offer skin rejuvenation treatments too and will help you look and feel great in no time! Take the time to unwind and look as good as you can.


Preparing for summer doesn’t have to be a stressful process, so make sure you feel great and enjoy the sun.

**This blog post is a collaboration with Isabella Franklin. She wrote the post. I made all the graphics with my own photos.

Remembering my parents

February is an important month for my parents. Papa was born on February 12 and Mama, February 13, 4 years apart. When they were both alive, we would be very busy with parties. I miss them. ¬†I am lucky to have parents who truly cared for me. ¬†One of my precious possessions are tape recordings of conversations with my father (with snippets from my mother). Even since I transferred the tape into a digital format, it has been a regular ritual of mine to listen to the recordings just to hear my parents’ voices. ¬†The tape was not meant to get me to an emo-mode. On the contrary, it was quite funny to listen to it. I always laugh out loud listening to it. I was 6 and very precocious. I wish I can share them here but it is in Bisaya. I also think that only those who knew me personally will appreciate it. ¬†I also made incriminating comments about a classmate. haha



In one part of the tape recording, we were busy making my grade one project. I realized how involved my parents, especially my father, with my schoolwork. No, he did not spoon feed me but he was there to teach me how to read, making sure I understand what I am reading. I enjoyed doing math with him and we always have fun geography quizzes. My childhood was filled with stories some of which he made up. ¬†My father’s guidance was a good foundation in how I live my life even without them around. I spent 8 growing up years away from them but I survived because they have already prepared me (albeit unconsciously) of independent living.


Although I always do independent reviews in taking college entrance tests and in most tests that I need to take, I understand why some people get themselves gre tutors for graduate studies. Getting into a graduate school program can really have an impact in your future career. There is a certain prestige associated with people with a graduate degree. It is only wise to get nextsteptestprep updates to keep up with graduate school news.

How about you? What are the things you learned from your parents?

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

Even if I work from home, I still look forward to weekends and I often spend my weekend at home. A weekend is a time to bond with family. My cousins often come over just to catch up with our lives. I also keep my Skype on to chat with friends. I watch videos to update myself with my favorite TV shows. My weekends are really meant for relaxation and a quiet time at home with family.

For the past two weekends, we had a cute visitor.And he was fascinated with our pink broom and dustpan! Look at his face. He really enjoyed sweeping the floor. We indulged him. We know that there will come a time that  he will not like picking up a broom anymore.

Yesterday, he visited us again. We got him a gift. This is a belated Christmas gift. I did not get him anything for Christmas because I did not see a nice gift with my budget. So what I did is to ask my cousin to chip in to get this gift. Clever, huh?

I realized that because we have the little one every week, the upkeep of the house should be up to standard. He loves rolling and crawling on the floor. There have been studies that crawling enhances the child’s brain development. For that to happen, we have to keep our floor thoroughly clean when he is around. It is nice to have a vacuum cleaner that can do the work without disrupting the peace and quiet the weekend brings. Electrolux has that particular product. Check out¬†Ultra Silencer Green!

Another activity that relaxes me during the weekend is chit-chatting with my aunts. We prepare snacks together and this weekend, I had the time to do the food experiments. I tried new recipes this week- chocolate chip cookies and kutsinta. I also made the old favorites: Pinoy spaghetti (yes, with ketchup and hotdogs) and pancakes (I went overboard with the chocolate sauce).

While my aunt was eating the chocolate chip cookies, she had one criticism. She said that her snacks would have been perfect if it was paired with a shake. I actually inherited a 5-piece appliance system from my mother which includes a blender. Because it is a 5-in-1 thing, I have to assemble the blender for every use. When I want a relaxing weekend, I am not too crazy to do that. Clean up is also cumbersome. And because this is a bonding activity at home, we talk while prepare the food. ¬†The blender is not really a quiet appliance to deal with unless, of course, if we have the¬†Powermix Silent Blender. If I have this blender, I’d be happy to prepare my aunt’s favorite fruit shakes.

A clean house, fruit shakes and bonding time with family are recipes for a happy home.


Source: dwellingbydesign.blogspot.com via Erica on Pinterest

To learn more about Electrolux Philippines and their products, visit Electrolux Philippines Official Website. Follow Electrolux Philippines on Twitter.

** This is my entry to a Nuffnang Contest.

3 Blog Redesign Thoughts

When I started this blog 19 months ago, I never really cared about its design. I chose the most generic one so I can easily incorporate some design touches into it.  If you look at my blog, I know what you are thinking. What design touches?! I know, right? I really did nothing, design-wise. I was busy filling it with content that the design took a backseat. At the start of the 2013, I thought about putting the blog redesign project as part of my goals for this year. I refrained from doing so because I did not like committing to something I did not think through. Lately though, I have been looking at fonts. I guess this is what I get for reading about Steve Jobs. He was obsessed about good design which made me rethink about my design choices for my blog.

I still cannot say with certainty that I will redesign my blog. For now, there 3 ideas that kept running in my head.

1. Fonts.¬†I have read about people who are font snobs. What I learned from some of them is that Helvetica is a good font while Comic Sans is not. ¬†I think ¬†Helvetica is good because it is simple, clear and versatile. You can use it on formal documents as well as informal ones. Comic Sans looks like a child’s handwriting so it is informal. ¬†Confession: I used to like Comic Sans for it childish nature but I stopped using it since I read about its design flaws.

There are fours fonts I want to use for this blog and I am still open for other fonts that might catch my fancy. I just learned about Google web fonts and I am still figuring out how to use them in this blog. Here are my picks from Google:

I do not know if these are good fonts, design-wise. One font will be used for the blog post title and another for the content. What do you think?

2. Color.¬†My blog does not have color in its design. I make up for it through photos. For 2013, emerald green is the Pantone Color of the Year. I don’t think I am warming up to the idea of emerald green for my blog. I am more of a pastel kind of girl. I am taking cues from Pantone’s Spring Fashion Colors for 2013 instead.


I¬†like dusk blue, grayed jade, lemon zest and nectarine. ¬†We’ll see what I finally decide on.

3.  Mobile accessibility.  I really do not know how my blog looks on a mobile device since I do not own those fancy smartphones.  However, it does make perfect sense to create mobile website because there are millions of mobile users out there. Those millions of mobile users are potential blog readers. I learned about Mobstac when I browsed through different LinkedIn pages. Signing up is free. I will consider their services once I decide on items 1 and 2 above.

So far, those are the things I am thinking when it comes to blog design. What other things should I consider?

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