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Early this year, I hoped that I will be able to learn and create more craft projects. A friend of mine is into quilting and I amazed what she was able to create. Another friend is into knitting and  as early as this month, she started knitting different items which she plans to give to family and friends on special occasions. It is quite precious to receive a gift from someone who took time to make the gift.  What amazed me more is that she is a busy scientist yet she takes time to do some crafts

I came across this cute idea.  Search ‘owl pillows’ on Google Images and you’ll get cute images on different pillows shaped into owls. I want to do this project this year. Here’s what the search results look like:

Aren’t they cute?

All the searching led me to look for other home decor ideas. The incessant rains last month made us discover areas on my roof that need repair. I got to thinking that if I will have the roof fixed, I also need to replace the ceiling because water seeped into the ceiling and warped the plywood. If I get the ceiling fixed, I also need to repaint it. Then, I had idea of repainting my entire bedroom.

I love blue for the wall color.
























However, I also love the burst of yellow in this design.



We used to have a reading nook in the house. Termites have infested anything that is wood which made my parents tear down that reading nook. For some reason, I want to have a reading nook again.



This is my reading area in my aunt’s house.

I have found a new nook in my own home.


I hope we have a large lawn to be able to accommodate this.


Source: thisoldhouse.com via kat on Pinterest


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