Cheltenham Gold Cup hospitality: perfect for clients and friends

Corporate hospitality options have become increasingly popular as ways of getting more out of an event that you’re attending as a spectator (for a price, of course), and a visit to the Cheltenham race course is no different. There are many different hospitality packages available for the discerning spectator to take advantage of.

Cheltenham will always be renowned as one of the biggest horse racing venues in the UK (and the world), with fans flocking to it every year for meets and races including the famous Gold Cup, which takes place in March and features twenty-two fences that have to be jumped by the horses and their jockeys. The 2014 race saw Lord Windermere, ridden by Davy Russell, come out victorious, beating a host of favourites and making those who put money on him very happy indeed.

With such a huge pedigree, spectators will always come to Cheltenham, and they will always want to spend a little more to ensure that their day is extra special. Private boxes with stunning views of the course are available to hire, with prices including fine dining options and other extras, such as TV coverage that allows occupants of the box to follow the action when it moves away from the grandstand area. It’s the extra kick you need for your day at the races to live long in your memory. Cheltenham Gold Cup hospitality is particularly popular, but you need to be quick to book it up because places go quickly!

Corporate hospitality has begun to boom in recent years, with options offered for all sorts of events (notably concerts at arenas like the O2 in London) but particularly sports – most Premier League and Championship clubs offer private boxes similar to those offered at Cheltenham, as do rugby clubs and other sporting venues like Wembley Stadium, the Millennium Stadium, Wimbledon, Twickenham Stadium and the Crucible (which hosts the annual World Snooker Championships) in Sheffield. Many companies and businesses lay it on for clients whom they are trying to sign up or build a solid relationship with – what better way to impress someone than by securing a box at the FA Cup Final or the Grand National with world-class facilities and food laid on?

 Cheltenham visitors can also take advantage of the special train that is laid on from the village of Gotherington to the racecourse itself, ensuring that they can skip the queues of traffic that are likely to have to wait to get into car parks. Corporate hospitality is pretty good, but when you combine with arriving in style and comfort on a train loaded with food and drink steaming through the beautiful Cotswolds countryside, it becomes even more special.


People will always enjoy luxury and, at sporting events where you don’t necessarily need to be down in the thick of the crowd like you might at a concert, it makes perfect sense to book a box, sit back and relax. Which option sounds better (especially when you step into the shoes of a potential client): crammed into the stands with a cup of Bovril and a pie or reclined in a private viewing area with a complimentary beer and a three-course meal?

31 Things I am Grateful for July 2014

We are already more than halfway of August and I have not posted my July gratitude list. There is a lot on my plate right now and I am thankful for those. There are just opportunities that are hard to pass up and I sacrificed some things (like this blog). As a freelancer, there are lean months and busy months. I take advantage of these things especially if the work is fulfilling and I get a great learning experience.  July was one of my lean months but  it was as enriching as the past months.

July is a steady month and I am thankful for that because August is quite a challenging one.

1. Friendship. I found time to write about my friend, Ayet. I thank God for friends He sends my way.

2. Trust. When a friend confides to you, trust is given. I hope I was able to ease some of the worries bothering my friend.

3. Laughter. My cousin got into loom bands that she kept tagging me on her work on Facebook.


I was interested in this craft before but when everybody else is into this thing. My crazy friend got into the conversation and posted this.


I really had a good laugh. If you are a child of the 80’s in the Philippines, you know how to play with rubber bands. 😀

4. Life. My mama’s friend succumbed to cancer. It is a sad day but I am grateful for the life she lived and how she was part of my mama’s happy memories.

5. Food experiment.  My friend was into overnight oats so I tried to make one, too. My uncle and I loved it.

6.  Art. I have time for art and it took me three days to finish all three.


7. Humbled. I saw a watercolor painting  by a friend of a friend on Facebook. It was beautiful. I have so much to learn.

8. Remembering my mortality. For some reason, this day reminded me of my own mortality. Life is really short and we have make the most out of it. We also have to take care of ourselves. I am amiss on that part. I have not exercised since May! Hope I find time to workout.

9. Nephew’s birthday.  He is now 3. How time flies! And finally, he got a haircut.


10. New art idea. My cousin forwarded me a video of a 3D art. I tried it on a simple object. It needs refinement but I was happy I learned how it was done.

At a certain angle, it looks like this.

  When it is drawn on paper, this is how it looks.



11. Errands. I accompanied my aunt in her errands. Transacting with government agencies can take some time. Good thing, the office had cable TV and magazines to entertain me.

12. Quesadilla. This is one experiment I enjoyed but I think I should have gone easy with the filling. I learned from Maan how to do it better.


13. Positive vibes. I took a selfie after months of not posting a photo of myself. I got a lot of ribbing from cousins who are selfie-addicts. It was fun but taking a selfie is not something I will do often.

14. Overwhelmed. I am grateful for the opportunities coming my way.
15. Space. The house was under repair and I camped in a small table in my aunt’s lanai. This is the day I regained my table.

16.  Yummy cake.  It was my aunt’s birthday and Red Ribbon’s celebration cake is cheap and yummy!


17.  Sacrifices. Art took a back seat as work was prioritized. Yay for work! It means I have something to pay the bills.

18.  Skype. I love how technology brings us closer. We have not chatted with my aunt in awhile.

19. Keeping cool. I overpaid the burgers I ordered. I ordered 4. The girl at the counter heard 6. I did not argue anymore. It is a she said/ she said thing. Pointless.  Hahaay.

20. Prayer. I released a prayer into the heavens.  Something was bothering me and I may not find the answer soon. I know God has something better for me.

21. Adobe Lightroom. I discovered this new tool and I used it on a selfie which I will not post anymore. It is on my instagram profile picture.

22.  Job offer. I got a call about a job! It was just a three-day gig but I was glad to do it.

23. Trip. I got the details of the upcoming work trip.  Getting some details will make managing time easier.

24. Instagram!

25.  Purpose driven life. I started reading the book with a friend.

26.  Roof overflowed.  I am not thankful for that. We just had it repaired and this happened. We had to call the carpenter to come the next day to repair it. Thankful that nothing was damaged inside my house.

27.  Blessings! I forgot where I found this poster but this spoke what I felt a that time.


28.  Tasks. Finishing tasks give me a feeling of accomplishment.

29.  Realization. Live life to the fullest. I lost a schoolmate to sudden unexplained death  (in Filipino term, ‘bangungot’).  It was heartwarming to read how he was admired by a lot of people. He lived life with zest.  We all should.

30.  Personal guard. Our barangay has this monument erected. Datu Silongan! Because it was near my house, I felt that I have a personal guard watching over us. hahaha


 31. Yellow wall. My aunt had my wall painted and it matched my yellow house shirt. Haha and this is not a selfie since I asked another person to take this photo.



Hope your July was a good one, too!

Heading Out on the Boat


When you need to find a boat for your fishing excursion, then consider looking online. There are companies like Dixon’s Marine Group that have several options when it comes to boats. You can make a selection based on what you are fishing for, such as lobster, tuna or crab. There are also boats for leisure activities. The latest in boats and accessories is typically launched on a website, so you can find out about new items before they are debuted on a showroom floor at a company.

If you already have a boat, there is a section where you can click here for items you can add to it like nets or a trailer to haul the boat. After you have made a selection on the boat you want, it can usually be delivered to a business near your home that deals in marine supplies. All you have to do is pick it up, inspect it, and take it home. Repair kits are available to purchase online if there is something wrong with a boat you have. You can also find someone who can weld items to the boat, even if it’s an emergency. When you purchase a boat, you can find everything you need for passengers to stay safe as well. These would include life vests and floats.

Quick Update: I am on Instagram!

Thank you for all your uplifting comments on the previous post. I am doing okay now.

After 48 years (hehe!), I am now on instagram. Follow me @katrinacenteno. I still have a few posts. However, I am traveling this week. Hopefully, I will be able to update some photos.


Please leave your instagram name on the comment. Let’s follow each other.

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