DIY Tie Dye

Do you have a favorite shirt? I do and I tend to wear them over and over after every wash. At some point, the shirt would look like rag and I would still wear it.  HA! Sometimes, my laundry skills fail me.  I had two white shirts that had faint yellow stains that even though I often prefer comfort over fashion and cleanliness over beauty, I feel that I should do something about the stains. I already tried removing the stains using bleach. I found inspiration from Pinterest on what do with these shirts.


Source: via kat on Pinterest

So I bought some packs of dye from an office supplies store.

There are instructions at the back of the packet on how to use them. I was eyeing on the stripes and swirls design. I strategically tied the area to get my desired design.  I started to soak the shirt on the dye mixture one color at a time. Here are my tie-dyed shirts after I hung them to dry.

I now have two new shirts. My next project would be this design.


How was your 4-day weekend?

As mentioned before, I did not have anything planned for the 4-day weekend. It could have been a good time to hit the beach because we had a sunny weather.

However, the agoraphobic in us anticipated that everyone else got the same idea like us. Instead, we stayed at home. Actually, weekend started early for us.  Friday afternoon, I played nanny for this cutie pie.

My cousin was contemplating whether he is going to adopt this cutie pie. I think he returned the doggie to the previous owner. 🙁 We were already taking care of three dogs.  I was with this doggie the whole afternoon and I let him sleep in my bed. When he was fast asleep, I sat in front of my computer to work and I took a quick glance, he already  pooped on my bed (on my new sheets!). Oh my!  I think there is some belief that when a bird poops on you, you will find luck.  I dunno about doggie poop on my bed sheet.

I guess it is true because that afternoon, my cousins brought these. Lucky us!

Except for one cousin, every person in the house is a durian eater. We love durian. Actually, Papa planted that durian more than 10 years ago and it was only last year that the tree started bearing fruits.  Papa planted the durian in his brother’s lot in their hometown using a seedling another uncle bought in Davao.  Collective ownership!   Too bad he did not get to taste what he planted. Whenever we buy durian before, Papa will not eat durian so we can get a bigger share even if he likes durian. Durian is pretty expensive so we can only afford to buy 1 fruit at a time which will be shared by at least 6 voracious eaters so he always gives up his share so that me and Mama can eat more.  (I miss them.)

My cousin who does not eat durian kept on covering her nose. I can’t remember having an aversion to the smell of durian. It seemed like I was born to eat it . 😀 She just had to be content with mangoes that were given to us which we froze. Remember the egg-shaped ice cream we ate at Malacca? Well, we kept the plastic holder and turned them into these:

Durian is rich in calories and it believed to be an aphrodisiac.  To maximize the shelf life of durian and control our intake, we made durian ice candy. The non-durian eater wore a mask because she wanted to learn how make ice candy.

I took advantage of the holiday to experiment on the White King bibingka from the box. Plus, my aunt had a craving for biko. I made bibinkang malagkit instead.

My aunt and cousin volunteered to clean my cupboards.  Yes, without me asking them.  Kusang loob.  Probably, they can no longer take how messy they are. HA!

My aunt even fixed the bedsheet I recently bought from a thrift shop.

My cousin cleaned the brass wares in one cupboard.

Because they did the dirty work, they deserved a reward. I cooked chicken inasal for them.

I experimented on a recipe I found here. It was a hit. Everybody had a clean plate. The chicken meat was juicy after being marinated overnight. My other aunt had one complaint. Flavor-wise,  it needs a little salt which we fixed the taste by dipping the chicken in soy sauce before each bite.

Sorry for the grainy photo. I used my cellphone. I forgot to charge my digicam batteries.

As a bonus, my creative aunt rearranged my living room.

As I think about the four-day weekend, I think we were pretty good when it comes to budgeting. Instead of going to the beach, we stayed indoors. We saved on gas money, food provisions and hut rentals. Instead of buying durian, we were given 4 huge fruits. Instead of buying ice cream, we made ice candy instead. Instead of buying chicken inasal which would have amounted to P540 for 6 people, we made the inasal. Cooking it only costs P300. I can only imagine how much the savings I will earn if I actually set the amount aside and learn stock trading advice from Tim Sykes.

Indeed, a four-day weekend can still be enjoyed at home.




Some thoughts on the recent event:

I was online when I learned on Saturday that the plane carrying DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo went missing.  I do not know why I was affected by the news. I do not know him personally. I have never met him nor seen him.  I was aware of what he has done but I never put much thought into it.  When he went missing,  I became more aware of what a great man he is. I was hoping he survived. The sad news came last Tuesday when his body was found among the wreckage.

Lucy Torres-Gomez wrote some nice words on his passing.

I learned from my friend that Sec. Robredo was in the Peñafrancia festival I attended last year. It was my happy thought that day. I enjoyed the Naga he developed. Thanks, Sec. Robredo!

I found this on facebook.

Let’s spread the good vibes

The four-day weekend is coming up and I do not have definite plans. I still am not over the huge blessing that fell on my lap. I am not done daydreaming. 😀 There is so much to be thankful for so I want to spread the positive energy to everyone.



I stumbled into another contest. I am starting to become a contest magnet.  HA!

The first person that I thought should join this contest is my cousin who is a great photographer.  The guy’s got talent in photography and beyond. He turned my otherwise so-so photo into a mouthwatering one.

I sent him the link to the contest a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I learned that he actually joined the contest. Yay!  To my friends from BCBloggers  who sent me good vibes when I joined a contest last month, let’s spread the positive energy to one talented guy named Bong. (Naks, hihingi talaga ako ng pasalubong nito. haha!) Click on this link and share the entries to your wall or simply ‘like’ his set of photos.

I believe in nurturing the talents that God has given us.



He is doing just that. He reads photography books, watches online tutorials and joins workshops. And this is just his hobby! Win or lose, he is already a winner. It takes courage to put your craft out there for others to judge. This is a win-win situation. Maya Angelou says so. 😉



Again, I am sharing the link to his entry for you to visit, share or like. Please let me know if you have done so so that I can thank you properly. If you are interested in this contest, you still have one week left to send in your entries. Two photographers and one writer will be chosen. Who knows?


Source: via kat on Pinterest

Now it can be told

I learned about the good news last August 1 but I decided to only announce it once I get a word from the official source. I got a call yesterday and I have told my aunts so I am ready to announce it.

This is the big news. I WON! I won an El Nido Resorts holiday! I am so thrilled! I am sorry if I keep on using exclamation points. This may be the best thing that ever happened to me since I started the blog. The second best thing is that my aunts agreed that I deserved to win.  (Talk about family love and loyalty! haha)

I had a good feeling about my post but when I saw the other entries of the finalists, they were also good. I especially liked the video entry and the poem.

I was prepared to lose and I was prepared to win. Whatever the outcome was, I was already happy reading all the comments from friends and from fellow BCBloggers. To those who read and commented on my entry here,  your positive wishes  meant a lot.  Thank you for the vote of confidence.  I hope you get that El Nido Resorts experience, too. Like them on Facebook so you get updates on their different promos and contests.

I am now in the lookout for promo fares going to Puerto Princessa and I can’t control the smile plastered on my face. I am so happy.  I am thinking which smiley from my emoticons best describes how I feel.  It does not matter if I have to take two plane rides and a van ride to get to Taytay, Palawan. I will endure them all. Nowadays, my daydreams are all about Apulit Island.

I am overwhelmed.

Again, thank you for all the warm wishes.  Paula, I hope to find you a good pasalubong.


When Disaster Strikes

I love my country. Beautiful coastline, warm people and a simple life. These are just a few reasons why I still chose to live here.

Life is sweet until disaster strikes.

Living in this country makes us vulnerable to some a lot of hazards.

The flooding that occurred early this week showed us how vulnerable the country is. While Mindanao experienced sunny weather, Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon experienced heavy rainfall. I have my share of flood stories and storm stories. By some stroke of luck, I was spared from the wrath of Sendong.  However,  I have never experienced (and will never dream of experiencing) flooding that happens in a span of 2 hours.

The government was quick to mobilize its warning systems.  These are the new warning codes that everyone should know.

This is Architect Paulo Alcazaren’s illustration on the warnings.


Because of Sendong last December, I asked about the flood map of my city from Professor Mahar Lagmay of

Almost 8 months since I asked that question, there is still no flood map for Butuan City but I am glad to see flood maps in other parts of the region. This week I learned that Professor Lagmay heads Project NOAH. NOAH stands for Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards. The project NOAH website gives real-time doppler image report.  Coolness! One should learn how to navigate the site for practical reasons. You get an image like this that shows a picture of what is happening in real time.

Knowing that this can happen again, we must be prepared. These are the important emergency numbers.

These numbers are for those in Metro Manila. If you live in the province, know the important numbers of your RDRRMC.

Here are some emergency tips:

Googly Gooeys got some tips, too!

It is important to be alert.

Water is important.  In particular, clean water. There is such a thing called ‘The Rule of Threes’.

Here are the steps in purifying your own water:

Flooding poses a threat to safety, properties and health.

However, it is in difficult times like this that makes me proudest being a Filipino.

Surviving is reason enough to smile.

We trust the people we once doubted.

In my country, everyone is a hero.

There are many ways one can help.  For a nation dubbed as the texting capital of the world, this is the easiest way a Filipino can help his countrymen.

The  Philippine Red Cross has amphibians that can reach flooded areas.

Mindanao is dry and sunny and I am not complaining.  I admit I have not prepared a disaster kit. For those who are also thinking of preparing a disaster kit, check out the following guides:

The Items That Should Be Included in a 72-Hour Kit


A detailed list can be found in this Rappler article.

This is something we can think about. Think before you buy something. Think before you throw something.


Architect Paulo Alcazaren has sketches of his proposal for the future design of barangay halls.

I wonder if this design is also earthquake proof. Similarly, this is his proposal for areas near the river.

Uncanny. His sketch closely describes where I live.  I live two blocks away from the dike. See the green area, left of the river near the bridge? There used to be people living in that area. Good thing, our barangay already relocated people living near the Agusan river.

The area is empty now.

A ‘secret’ garden thrives there.

I hope we can find solutions to Metro Manila’s flood problems. Atty. Antonio Oposa Jr., a Ramon Magsaysay awardee, presented some simple solutions in this Rappler article.

I now end this very long post.


Source: via Rylee on Pinterest


Note: all the photos and graphics that are not my own are linked from the source.

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