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Tomorrow, April 1, is the premiere of the second season of Game of Thrones.  I am a fan.  In Season 1, there were gory and racy scenes that I was not used to but I survived them.  I know that there will be more of those horrible scenes this season yet I am looking forward to the watching the series. One of the characters I love in the show (and in the book) is Tyrion Lannister played by Peter Dinklage.



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When he won the Golden Globes as the outstanding drama actor in a drama series, I decided to look for his other films and I found “The Station Agent”. While I was watching it, my aunt came up to me and asked what I was watching. I told her that I am watching a movie of Peter Dinklage, Tyrion in Game of Thrones. My aunt watched the movie with me. She was able to watch the last episode of  Game of Thrones.  She said, “He has a nice voice.” I think that what made him effective as Tyrion Lannister. Well, he fits the physical description in the book but it takes more than the looks to play a character.  He played the sharp Tyrion Lannister so well that he now has legions of fans.

I still have not finished reading the books.

 I am almost done with the 4th book, A Feast of Crows. I hope to finish today.  That is something I can do while I shut down for Earth Hour tonight. ( I read from a mobile device.)

30-day Blogging Challenge

This April, I will be on a self-imposed blogging challenge.

I created the graphics using Pantone’s colors for Sping 2012.

When I started blogging, my goal was to write one blog post a day. I am still not reaching that goal. There are days that I don’t feel like writing.  I read somewhere that you need to write 1,000 words a day to be a good writer.  So instead of worrying what to write, I have already written down the topics so I have a guide. I cannot guarantee 1,000 words or good writing but if I write something everyday, I believe it will improve my writing a teeny-tiny bit . (Or maybe not.) What I know for sure is that: In the future, when I look back at April 2012, I’ll know what I did during this month. 😉

So, here’s the challenge:  I will write about the chosen topic of the day. I chose some of the topics to force me to do something creative and write about it.  I hope to tap my creative side (if I still have one). The topics chosen are based on my interests.

If you are a blogger, you are free to join me. Let me know by leaving a comment so I can read your entries, too. 😀

Got Firmoo?

I saw this little ad last month.

I reckoned, ” I am a blogger.  I need RX sunglasses for my astigmatism. Summer is near.”  The deal is too good to be true.  I emailed the contact person on that site and he answered all my queries.  If you notice that little Firmoo link on the side bar, this is the reason. I placed the link and then sent my choice of sunglasses and my prescription.  Good thing my optometrist gave me the details of my prescription when I bought my eyeglasses last October.  Fifteen days after I sent my details, these came in the mail.

Props to the Philippine Postal Corporation, I only paid P40 for these. I’ve heard complaints of people who ordered from international sellers that they are charged with custom fees with an amount more than the value of the item. I have not experienced that yet. I hope I won’t experience that in the future.

I know I ordered a masculine-looking sunglasses.  Force of habit, I guess. I used to borrow my father’s sunglasses.

Summer, here I come!

Firmoo offers free eyeglasses or sunglasses for your first order. Just pay for the shipping fee. Check out the details on their site.  If you are a blogger, you know what to do.

Business Idea: Poultry

Two weeks ago, we were invited to check out the chicken farm of my aunt’s friend.  I was not really invited. My aunt asked her friend if she could bring me along. The farm is located the one of the barangays in the city I have never been to so I welcomed the opportunity to see the place.

The farm is built in an almost 2-hectare land on an elevated area of the city. I have not seen these many chickens in my entire life.  I was busy taking photos but I think the owner said that there were 11,000 chickens in this farm.  Just imagine the revenues.

The chickens need to be hydrated all the time. You can see water is available all around the coop.  When we went there, there was one that died of heatstroke.

As you can see, this is NOT the free-range chicken type.

This is how the business works. Big corporations like Magnolia, Swift and Bounty Fresh provide the chicken farmer with the chicks and feeds. They come back one month after to buy the chickens that have the desired weight. (Or was it two months? I was not listening well.)  The chicken farm should be able to produce 90% (just an estimate made by me to do the math) of such chickens.  Of the 11,000 chicks, there should be 9,900 grown chickens ready for the dinner table. The 1,100 chickens that did not make the cut in weight are usually given to the people in the barangay. I do not know how much these corporations pay for every chicken that made the cut. The owner said that he makes a clean profit at around P150,000 per ‘harvest’. By the way, there are also buyers of chicken dung.

Businesses come with risks. This kind of business needs a large capital outlay to build a farm.  Building those large chicken houses requires money. Banks do not lend to businesses with an agricultural land as collateral. Poultry business stinks (literally) so you need an area away from city. In this case, we were were already in the mountains. They have trusted farm hands. Remote areas can have security risks. Since chickens need water, the owners had to build a huge water tank that required huge electric bills for water pumps (around P12,000).   If you can handle all those disadvantages, this is a viable business idea.

There is a part of me who wished that the 2-hectare land was planted with trees instead.

There are other animals in the farm.

Dogs help secure the area.

We had fried chicken for dinner that night.    😀

Sleep is calling me

I have different sleeping hours now. I still sleep regularly but I sleep late. I now sleep at 11PM. I wake up at 7AM. Sometimes I wake up 30 minutes earlier at 6:30AM.  I still get 7.5-8 hours of sleep. When I have deadlines to meet, I sleep for 5 hours only. I don’t remember being awake for 24 hours or more. On the other hand, I seldom oversleep. I am not the type of person who can sleep 10 hours straight unless I am sick.

When I was a child, I didn’t take naps. “I only sleep at night” was my usual reply to my aunt who wanted me to take a nap in the afternoon so she could take a nap, too.  Of course, when I was baby, I slept long hours.

Now that I am older, I already learned to take naps. I know how to power nap. When I get sleepy, I set my alarm for 15 minutes and just sleep. I often wake up feeling refreshed like I’ve slept for hours already.  I can’t think well when I am sleepy and power naps are my antidote to grogginess.

I’ve been busy lately that I noticed my shorter sleeping time. In case my friends are reading this and are wondering why I sleep late nowadays, I will explain in future blog posts. No, I am not depressed. I have read studies linking sleep and depression. I also read that some people can sleep 5 hours a day and still feel refreshed when they wake up.  Some people can sleep all day and still feel groggy after they wake up.

Because today is Sunday and I just changed my bed sheets, I can sleep earlier than usual. I welcome those stages of sleep I read about. The weather is cool because it just rained. I just took a shower.  I am so ready for bedtime!

P.S.  Consult your doctor for serious sleep disorders.


Just when I was about to sleep, I read this:

FACT: I have a large bed.  Goodnight!

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