That Whirlwind Trip to Cebu

Mid-June, four of us in the family went on a trip to Cebu. We bought the promo tickets in February. Unless it is an emergency or an important business trip, we always buy tickets ahead of time. The trip was for medical reasons. Uncle has not had his regular checkup in two years. My aunt needs second opinion on her heart condition. It was a 6-day trip (including the travel time) but it felt like a short trip because we spent most of the days in the clinic. There was a long line in the cardiologist’s clinic. Most of my time there was spent waiting for our turn. Waiting for the laboratory results added to the waiting time. All the waiting made me think that I should have been a doctor. Ha! Then I realized that biology was my waterloo in school. Poof! Just like that I fell back to reality.

Of course, we made some small trips around the city. When I checked my photos, we visited many churches which was appropriate because we are there for the health reasons and God is the greatest healer.

This is the Basilica del Sto. Niño.


 This is the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel.


I was not able to take a photo in the right perspective but the design looks like a series of walls like these.


We also went to Sto. Rosario Church which is near the University of San Carlos and Our Lady of Lourdes Church near my cousin’s place. I just did not take pictures anymore.

We stayed in my cousin’s house and I got reunited with a friend I met two years ago, Ewok.


On a Saturday afternoon, after going to the clinic, we visited a relative’s farm.


The farm is on a hill and one of the rooms had this gorgeous view.


The clinic is not open on a Sunday so we took a trip to Sibonga to visit Simala. It was deemed to be a place of miracles and healing. It was a massive structure and there were many visitors when we went because it was a Sunday.


Before we left Cebu, we took another quick trip to Sto. Niño Basilica. Beside the church is La Fortuna bakery. We bought some pasalubong there. (Tip: Buy masi, hopia and masareal.) Oh, I tried this new product- chocolate-coated dried mangoes.   There were only five pieces in a pack which costs P68.  It was delicious but I felt the quantity per pack is not enough to satisfy my sweet cravings. This made me think that dried mangoes dipped in Nutella might taste good, too!


I took a photo of this iconic structure.


And I wanted a photo here. IMG_9411 Till next time, Cebu!

The Concrete Jungle of Dreams

A friend of mine planned to go to the US this year. She already asked permission from her boss to take a leave for one month. Weeks close to her travel date, the boss only approved a one-week leave. It made her sad but it also strengthened her resolve. She’ll ask for a one-month vacation again next year and every year after that until the boss says yes. Talk about persistence!

One of my dream destinations is New York City. It is a stark contrast to my own city so it is something exciting to explore. Don’t get me wrong, I love my city but it is nice to be exposed to a megalopolis and be drenched its fast-paced lifestyle and rich culture.


Photo by Melbow.

What attracts me to New York the most are the broadway shows. I might spend all my pocket money watching shows every single night.


Photo by Aherrero.

New York City might be all concrete and cold. However, in the middle of Manhattan is Central Park and I am suddenly transported to a scene in romantic comedy.


Photo by Vagueonthehow.

Just imagine all the fun and exciting things you can do in New York City. Well-known for its entertainment and excitement, the Big Apple is one of the world’s best “cities that never sleep.” It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit, there’s always something happening in this big city.

With so many landmarks and other sites to see, the best way to get the most out of your trip is to choose a travel package that will take you to the places you want to go. Using a travel package will let someone else do the driving, while you do the sightseeing.

Another reason to book a travel package is to save time. Popular spots such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, are crowded every day. By taking a travel tour, your tour group will be expected and you won’t have to wait in long lines to enter. This will save you a lot of time to see and do other things in New York City. 

And don’t forget New York’s exciting night life! There’s many fabulous plays, concerts, and operas to see. Night-time travel packages may also include dinner at one of New York’s popular restaurants before the show. 

You can check out unique NYC travel packages from You can even make up your own travel tour if you want to. Book a travel package and enjoy the ride!

Business Idea: Cozy Cafe

In 1999, there was this movie called ‘Simply Irresistible’ which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sean Patrick Flanery.  In that movie, Sarah inherited their family restaurant business. The restaurant was in the ground floor of the building while she lived in the second floor. Back then, I thought it was nice to have that kind of business- a restaurant with a cozy atmosphere with regular patrons who feel like family.

When we went a trip to Cagayan de Oro last May, my cousin introduced us to a small cafe called Chingkeetea. It is a Taiwanese milk tea place. What caught our fancy is the decor. The cafe is so pretty.

This is the entrance.


This is where you order the tea. Nice idea: Instead of letting your collection of knickknacks gather dust in the cupboard, why not create a statement wall and arrange them accordingly? IMG_8708

Do you have those fake plastic flowers in your home? I admit I do. Why not arrange them into a ball and hang it like this. IMG_8701

They also have a nice space where you can arrange for a small get-together with friends. The place is an ideal venue for baby shower or a tween’s birthday. You can actually replicate this at home. If you have those patio chairs and crocheted doilies, you can arrange them like this. IMG_8723

This is their milk tea. I love the wintermelon flavor. IMG_8724

People who visited their place left notes and they are displayed under the glass tops of the tables. Sweet. IMG_8729

Another place we visited in Cagayan de Oro is Missy Bon Bon. They sell baked goodies and gelato. This cafe is full so I was not able to take a lot of photos. I love the walls and the light fixtures. IMG_8752

This is what we ordered. I love the typography in their packaging.  The gelato we ordered cost Php90 each. I told my aunt about the price after she took a few spoonfuls. I thought she would gasp at the amount because she does not normally spend this much on a dessert this small. Surprisingly, she  said it was worth the price.  The gelato is aunt-approved! Look at our spoons! There were five of us sharing this order.IMG_8740

In Butuan City, we have a similar food place with cozy atmosphere. This is Margie’s.

IMG_8996 Margie’s started as a home business where Butuanons order specialty cakes to go. Now, they have this cozy cafe in Butuan and several branches in Davao. They now have meals. In fact, I did not order cake when I took these photos. I ordered this. Yummy! I am sorry I forgot what this is called. IMG_9004

The wall in the cafe is filled with vandalisms names of those who visited the cafe. The walls also adorned old photos of the family and other memorabilia. IMG_8997

I love this little nook. It must be nice to read here while sipping coffee and eating cake. The ripped upholstery distressed chair adds charm. However, there is teeny-tiny part of me who wants to washi it. Ha! IMG_9003

How about you? What business idea caught your attention recently?

Got Washi?

I read craft blogs and I am always attracted to different craft projects using washi tapes. A washi tape is a printed Japanese masking tape. I have been thinking of buying  few pieces but I can’t choose which to buy because it comes in different designs. When I saw this promo from Paper Blush, I knew it was time to order.

Photo from Paper Blush

Photo from Paper Blush

 My orders arrived yesterday!


I did not sleep until I got one project done. The material used in my laptop surface is so glossy that I do not need CSI to see my fingerprints. Plus, I can already see hairline cracks on the cover. I am not a gentle owner. So I got my hands working last night.



This can be addicting that I might end up “washifying” the house.

Here are some of things you can do with washi tapes. I got the image from Google Image search.


P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I paid for my own washi tapes.

Lazada: Safe and Convenient Online Shopping

Last Christmas, Lazada was my savior. It is where I bought the Christmas gifts for my godsons. I also bought a belated Christmas gift for my nephew and something for myself. I got my godsons origami sets.  My nephew got a ride along toy and I bought a baking pan for myself. I got all these at discount prices.


The cool thing is that I do not have to own a credit card to shop online. I paid some of the items through LBC and some through my ATM account.

I am subscribed to their newsletter so I get updates of their different promos. Just recently, the camera I was eyeing on (a Sony NEX-5N) went on sale. My budget did not permit for such purchase so I was hoping and praying nobody will notice that sale. Too bad, somebody beat me to it. Nevertheless, I am happy that they carry this brand because by the time comes that I have the budget, I’ll be watching their great deals like a hawk.

Some of my BCBlogger friends have appreciated my photos from my recent vacation. My heart leaps whenever somebody appreciates my photos. I own an 8-year-old Canon A510 point-and-shoot. It is not a fancy camera. This is the reason why I wanted to raise my photography skills to another level with an advanced camera.

To those who just want a no-nonsense camera like my Canon A510, Lazada has a Canon Powershot A1400 on sale! I checked the technical details for this camera- 16.0 MP, 5x optical zoom with wide-angle, HD movies 720p movie button, etc. This is way better than the camera I have. Imagine the quality of photos you can capture.  The best thing is it costs only a third of what my camera costs.

canon a1400

But wait … there’s more! (Bear with me if I sound like an infomercial already. This is really a good deal.) For this item, you get extra 10% off the price if you are going to use your Visa card.  Feel free to check out their range of products from Canon.  Lazada offers free shipping for orders Php 1,000 and up.

I think everyone should take advantage of the great deals and the shopping convenience that Lazada offers.  I think OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) can also take advantage of what Lazada can offer. Instead of trying to fill a balikbayan box and ship it to their families in the  Philippines, OFWs can just order from Lazada and have the items delivered to their loved ones.

Lazada was featured in Thumps Up TV aired on Studio23. Check this out!

Happy Shopping!

Get P300 off your next order at Lazada (minimum purchase of P3,000). Just use discount code: LZDbrDgr


*Source of images: Lazada
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