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I have not done memes for a while now so I decided to join Yuuki’s “A day in my not so boring life – a 24 hr chronicle of your typical day“. August 1 was a pretty good day. I received really good news at the end of the day that I forgot what happened earlier in the day. I will talk about the good news soon!

So, I picked August 2 for this meme.

I woke up at 630 AM to walk the dog. I can hear his loud barking. He is my alarm clock. This is our usual route.

After I walked the dog, I had my breakfast. My typical breakfast is : 2 pandesal+ half a fried egg+ meat (made into two sandwiches) and coffee.

On some days, I have fruits and native delicacies but not yesterday.

My cousin and aunt usually do the cooking. I do the dishes. Yesterday was no exception.

The fridge is quite empty so it was time for us to go to the market and the grocery.
We stopped by the flower stand and my aunt bought some flowers for the altar.

Because of the unfavorable weather conditions in the coastal areas, fish supply is scarce and super expensive. We bought these instead. (Didn’t I just write about my eating habits catching up on me? Ooops.)

Market time is also grocery time.

While on the tricycle home, I snapped a quick shot at the Rizal park. The park is undergoing renovations and although it is not yet completed, it was cleaned up for the “Adlaw hong Butuan“. August 2 is a holiday in Butuan. Butuanons celebrated the 62nd “Adlaw hong Butuan” yesterday. In August 2,1950, Butuan was declared a Chartered City.

While my aunt prepared lunch, I worked on my computer.

We had a simple lunch.

The lunch was simple because we had the king of fruits for dessert. Durian! <3  (El cheapo. We can’t resist.)

After lunch, I worked again while watching a UAAP game between Ateneo and UP.

UP lost. 🙁 Cheerdance is our only hope.

I continued with work until dinnertime. I forgot to take a snapshot of our dinner. We had champorado and dried squid . Yummy!

We prayed the rosary after dinner time.  It has been sort of a family practice ever since my grandfather died in 2000.



Usually, my aunts would hurriedly turn the TV on after the rosary to see if they can still catch their favorite teleserye.

I went back to my room to prepare for my nightly shower. When I do not have to meet people (aside from family), I do not usually shower during the day. (Is it weird?) I shower at night instead because I sleep better that way.

I still have piles of work to do so I continued to work on them until I got sleepy.

I also remembered that I need to draw my August planner.  Here is the thing: I got the printable planners from Alessa  and Jen. I liked their planners so I wanted to ditch my own planner .  However, I scrimped on my ink and the planners did not print the way I wanted. I took it as a sign to continue using my DIY planner.  It was a simple planner envy gone awry. Haha!

Yes, Bourne Legacy is on my schedule. hehe

After I was done with this planner, I called it a night.


Source: etsy.com via Anita on Pinterest


Off to dreamland…


Source: flickr.com via Ande on Pinterest


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