That Mini Heart Attack

Does this ever happen to you?

In the early years of personal computing (Whoa. Did I just say that? I feel ancient),  I have already acquainted myself with the “save as” button.   I also learned to email files to myself as a backup.  With cloud storage, it also possible to have a backup somewhere in the internet.  What usually causes a mini-heart attack for me is that moment when the computer bogs down. I only own one desktop- no iPad, no laptop or other mobile internet devices. Thus, I go through five stages of grief:  denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

It is the same five stages as this. 😀

In my past life (old job), I dealt with computer problems day-in/ day-out.  I only go through mini-heart attacks when my files get affected. However, I am pretty calm when dealing with other people’s machines.  😀  I learned how open the machines and look through the innards of a CPU.  I remember one time I was fixing my swivel chair at home. I was holding a screwdriver and the parts of the chair are all over the living room floor. My aunt was skeptical and asked, “Do you know what you are doing?”  I replied, “Hey, if can open up a computer system, how hard can this be?”  I flashed my pearly whites as beads of sweat trickled at the side of my face.  It was an easy task. I know the steps.  However, I realized  that it was hard to unscrew something that is attached to a wood.

My aunt must have remembered that incident that when her TV broke down, she asked me to fix it.  Ha!  I was exposed to electronic equipment but I have never dared to tinker with them. In my previous work, it was normal for me to see RF microwave components in the switch department’s work area but I never bothered to learn more about them. Although I told my aunt to call a technician, I did my own research and looked for equipment suppliers.  I landed on the Radiall website. The company just revamped their site and it is easy to navigate. They manufacture components that are widely used in industries including aerospace, defense and telecommunications.

My aunt’s TV was already fixed by a qualified technician.  As for me, I no longer have that mini-heart attack when my computer fails me.  I learned to let go.  Sometimes, I am more productive when I am away from the computer. 😀

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