The Circle of Life

I attended two wakes in July.   It was sad. Both deaths were so sudden.  They were relatively young at 39 and 42.  It was a reminder for me to take care of my health.  One day, my body will catch up on my bad eating habits.



My aunt and I had a discussion this morning. She was sharing what she learned from watching a show about money, savings and investment. An expert said something about setting aside a third of your monthly salary for savings and divide the remaining amount into 4.  The quotient should be your weekly budget.  My aunt was quick to do the math and she realized, her money was not enough. We had a good laugh at our discussion. I guess she just has to earn more.  I remember reading about Timothy Sykes and how he was able to invest his money through penny stocks. Tim Sykes  was still his 20’s  when he started investing. I believe this Chinese proverb also applies to investing: “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

The sad events of July was trumped with two happy ones. I had godmother duties to two cute boys. I always feel honored when friends ask me to be the godmother of their babies. Godparents are the child’s second parents.

Yesterday, my friends welcomed the birth of their first child.  What a sweet blessing to end July!



No, that is not my friends’ child. 😀  The photo is too cute not to share.

A friend found this beautiful video about death and shared this on Facebook.

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