What happened to the Blogging Challenge?

I had a self-imposed blogging challenge for April. If you notice my previous post, my last entry was April 22.  It just means I was not able to conquer the challenge.  I still intend to continue writing the rest of challenge as soon as I can. I was so busy the past week that I never really got  the time to blog. I enjoy blogging and I write from the heart so I do not want to write blog posts without giving them much careful thought. Thus, the backlog.

Here are some of the lessons I learned from the challenge:

1. Sleep is precious. When I am given a choice between sleeping and writing a blog post, I often choose sleep. Sometimes, I power nap. I set the timer to 10 minutes and I sleep. I only wake when it alarms. It is an easy way to eliminate drowsiness in my eyes. With the recent Time article, I want to sleep more. 😀

Image: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

2. There is no replacement in talking to people face to face. My cousin came to town so instead of chatting on Facebook or checking emails, we spend a lot of time talking and catching up.

Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

3. I still choose happiness.



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