So True

I was reading my blog feed yesterday and I came across an image posted by Bee.  The image was taken from a list of cool pictures of 2011.

When I read this, I connected with the message. In my head, I was saying “So True!” I felt like it was me carrying the poster. I wish I wrote this one and created the cool graphics. ( I love the font and how it was put together).


I love to travel. ( I think I wrote this sentence several times before. )  It is not surprising that I follow Susan Calo-Medina on Twitter and Facebook. Imagine the thrill (kilig) I had when I saw this on my twitter alerts.  She’s following me! (Her or whoever is the admin of Travel Time’s twitter account. )

Actually, I have seen her in person.  There was a time I saw her jog in our street when she was in Butuan. Her brothers live near our place. She’s a Butuanon, by the way. One time, I saw her in church. I was young then. I knew she has this travel show on TV but I only started watching the show three years ago.

Anyway, this video was shared by Susan Calo-Medina  on Twitter and Facebook. The idea of being a travel writer appeals to me. Check out the video:


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