Growing Up

I want to grow old gracefully.

I want to be like her someday. What a cool woman! Cheers, Aunt Carol!

I am not even familiar with Usher’s songs. At 34, I can’t pull this off. I already lost my dancing skills the minute I stepped into puberty.  I was a very shy child, yet I was a confident dancer.  I did not even hesitate to say yes when I was asked to dance solo in one Christmas program in school.

Kung Fu pose? I don't even have ballet shoes on.

If you ask me to dance now, I’d say no in a heartbeat. No amount of cajoling, pushing or pulling can convince me to dance or sing in front of people. Maybe it is hereditary. I showed the Aunt Carol video to my aunt. Her high school batch will be celebrating their golden jubilee year this May. It might be fun if they dance to Usher like Aunt Carol. Their batch will be required to perform a number.  She said they will dance but she’ll be in the back row. (Or she might practice and bail out the last minute. Hahaha)

Aunt Carol got me to thinking about growing old. I do not want to become that grumpy old lady who keeps a cat (or dog) but shouts at kids. I want to be the cool aunt who tells stories about the 90’s (and the start of millennium 😉 ). I hope I will still have my wits. I hope I will still be open to listening new music and learning new technology. I don’t want to lose my childlike wonder. I still want to be amazed even with the little things that I see everyday. I hope I will never say “Been there. Done that” on things that are worthwhile even if I have been there and done those things.

I remember a recent conversation with my aunt, she was reading a news item:

Aunt: 34 ra ini siya. Bata lang kaw hong pila ka tuig. (This person is only 34. He is just a little older than you.)
Me: Tita, 34 na man ko. (Tita, I am 34.)
Aunt: Mao ba? (Really?)

Thanks, Tita, for reminding me of my youth. 😉

A friend shared this TED Talk video. I love the child’s perspective and the old man’s wisdom.

Life is short. I want to live my life full of gratitude.

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