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It is Sunday and the city is quite.   My aunt heard on the news that there might be a storm coming our way. Although my alternative weather report source did not think that the low pressure area is going to develop into a typhoon, heavy rains are expected. It never hurts to be prepared.

When thinking about being prepared, candles are often on my list.  I realized that I have used different types of candles for different occasions.

There is the do-it-yourself type we use during bad weather and occasions when we need to light candles for long periods of time like brownouts.

During the New Year of 2012, we had prosperity candles. We have to wait which colored candle burns faster. There is a particular blessing assigned to each color. I got yellow last year and it signified brightness. I must agree that my 2012 was quite bright.

I forgot to buy this set of candles this year and I would like to believe that the reason I forgot to buy a set is sign from the universe that I do not need candles to what my year would be like. This year will be prosperous for everyone including me! I declare it.


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I have also used tea candles to remember my loved ones. This type of candle comes in a 200-pack set which my aunt uses when she prays. I think the pack lasted for almost a year.

We also use even just one tiny candle to celebrate a significant day.  A candle differentiates a birthday cake from any other cakes. I wonder who started the trend of lighting a candle on birthday cakes.

There is something about the candle’s glow that signifies hope and reassurance. We would quickly close our eyes and say a prayer (or a wish) before blowing off the light.


Source: via kat on Pinterest



This also makes sense.


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