Hello, 2013!

It is January 2013! I have to get used to typing 2013.

Take from a friend’s FB post.

The past year was pretty good for me so I am looking forward to this year. As I often declare,  I will make each year the best year ever.  I welcome new experiences, new friends to meet and new things to learn.  I am open to whatever comes my way.

As Yoda would say, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

I hope to learn more craft projects this year. I love the stamp I got from the mail swap and I am thinking of designs I can create on my own. I still continue to do origami as seen from the photo above. I am using it more as a stress reliever rather that to create crafts. 😀



I hope I can do more food experiments. I have not really found the recipe for cupcakes that I can be proud of.  I am on the lookout for good cupcake, chocolate cake and bread recipes. I remember that when I went to the grocery last week, there were loaves of bread in different flavors and I had difficulty which flavor to choose.  I chose the butterscotch variety. It was delicious. I have read about flavour encapsulation before. It has something to do with adding an ingredient in baking that will lock in the flavor.  They say that the baking process can diminish the flavor you initially intended to incorporate. Natural additives can capture that flavor for a more distinct taste and they also provide the wonderful smell in baked goods.

I hope to be precise with the food experiments to capture the flavor I wanted or I’ll end up eating the baked products alone. Oh my!



I hope to visit new destinations this year.  Traveling is something I really love to do. We have already booked for Manila this September.  Manila is just a stopover of the destination we have not finalized. We have 9 months to prepare. 😀



What are your plans for 2013?

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