It is FUN in Dahilayan!

The last stop of our summer vacation is Dahilayan in Bukidnon. Dahilayan is known for its adventure park.  Their claim to fame is having “Asia’s Longest Dual Zipline. And if you have seen that KC Concepcion movie,  Forever and A Day, there were scenes that were shot here. Dahilayan is a 2-hour drive from Cagayan de Oro. We hired the taxi that brought us to EL Salvador for P2,300 (roundtrip).  A cheaper alternative is to ride the shuttle bus available every Saturday. The fee is P350 roundtrip.

We passed by the Del Monte compound and plantation on our way there.Security was tight which was expected after that bloody encounter early this year. Security came up to our taxi to tell us that we were not allowed to photograph the plantation. What we were really interested was to take a photo of the beautiful Kitanglad mountain range. The real thing is so much prettier. My cousin was able to photograph this before we were told off.

We came early so we able to appreciate the beauty of the place without the crowd. Bukidnon is at a higher elevation with temperature similar to Baguio (they say) which is great for growing beautiful flowers.  I took snapshots of the beautiful flowers in the area.


If you are not into riding the zipline, there are other activities which you can get involved in. You can ride the luge in this area.

You may ride an ATV.

No budget for the actual ride! Besides, this one transports the zorb ball. ha!

My aunts just explored the place. There are a lot of photo opportunities in the area.

The owners planted 5,000 pine trees in the area around ten years ago so this is what it looks like now.

After the taking a many photos as possible, we went to the zip line area. We were beginners low on cash (haha!) so we opt for the 320m +120m dual zipline. Here we are strapped ready for the adventure.

It was a short ride. It was not scary at all. I should have tried the 840m. Our snapshot was not yet processed but it was time for us to go so we left without proof of what we have accomplished. Well, there is always next time.

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