5 Simple Ways I Pamper Myself

I am getting used to writing lists. It is easier to compose my thoughts when  I find a common theme with what is happening in my life. Instead of telling a story chronologically, I write lists.

Summer is about to end in a month and I still have not done something remotely close to enjoying the sun.  Instead, I indulge in simple activities that I enjoy.

1. Cuddling.  This little fellow belongs to my cousin. I looked after him while my cousin was at work. His wife was on a trip so there was no one to look after the little one.  Most of the time, he loves sleeping so we take our naps together. He is the type who sleeps so close to a person that I alwaya feel that the bed is too small for us. On several ocassions, I worked on my computer while he slept beside me with his head resting on my lap. I guess we have became friends because he sat still for a photoshoot with me.  😀

 2. Cooking food. Eating out can be expensive. Chicken Inasal costs at least P80 per meal. Since there are 4 of us in the house, a trip to the restaurant would set us back at least P320. We got  marinated chicken legs from Monterey at a discounted price. I think four pieces of chicken parts (legs and wings) cost less than P150. We’d have grilled chicken over charcoal before and we always burn the skin. This time, I decided to use a broiler.

Why haven’t we thought about this before? Look, perfect chicken skin!

3. Restful sleep. I admit that I sleep later that I used to. I used to sleep at 10PM when I had a regular job.  Nowadays, sleeping at 12AM is pretty normal for me. It does not matter how late I sleep as long as I get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, then I am fine.  The best kind of sleep is when I change my sheets.

4. Enjoying the blessings. I got gifts from my cousin’s wife who went on a vacation to Ilocos. We got more than a month’s supply of garlic and onion! The fan is perfect for the brownouts. I’d like to think I already have toned arms after all the fanning I have to do during power interruptions.  On the lower right photo is not from Ilocos but from Manila. It is a J.Co donut. When I was in Manila last November, people were lining up for these donuts. It is already April and my cousin said that there are still long lines for these donuts.

5. Getting a shower. It is a must in this heat and all the power interruptions. I take my time at the shower, exfoliating and working up a lather. When it comes to cosmetics, I rarely put anything on my face but I am pretty indulgent when it comes to bathing. I use soaps one after another.

My friends have different ways of pampering themselves. I know a few who get their hair and nails done. Another friend goes on spa dates with  her husband.  Here’s the deal: I have not tried getting a massage. I feel that I might be ticklish. I saw this feature on a facial massage in Prague and it looks relaxing. It makes sense. Massage is a form of relaxation where tired muscles are given respite.   Facial muscles need relaxation, too.

How about you? How do you pamper yourself?

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