Why an El Nido Resorts Vacation is Worth the Price (and some ways to get it cheaper)

There are four island resorts under the umbrella of El Nido Resorts: Lagen, Miniloc, Apulit and the newly-opened ultra-luxurious resort in Pangulasian.  Three of the resorts are in El Nido while Apulit Island Resort where I went is in Taytay, Palawan.

If you look at the best available rates in their website, a room for two per night ranges from P14,500 to as much as P26,500  (when you stay in Lagen). It is pretty expensive. But let us break down the costs to understand the value of a P14,500/day accommodation. I hope you understand this one. This is my attempt at creating an infographic.

You really get value for money because you can join one island hopping tour in the morning and another one in the afternoon.  If you’ve read my entire El Nido Resorts experience, the impeccable service and the warm reception we got inspired me to work harder to be able to afford another trip there.

A 4D/3N stay in the resort will cost 7,575 x 3= P22,725 per person. If you have traveled abroad, this budget is way cheaper. If you can justify an expensive international trip, why not spend the same amount in your own country? Moreover, the P22,725 is way cheaper than a 4D/3N night stay at a 5-star hotel in Metro Manila.  Get some fresh air, visit the province  and experience this 5-star service.

Here are my suggestions in getting discounts for you El Nido Resorts vacation:

1. Like their Facebook page.  I got the vacation because I won their Facebook contest.  You will also get updates on their different promos.

2.  Avail of their promo rates. El Nido Resorts often joins travel fairs and offers packages at a discounted rate.

3. Look out for airline promos. Direct flights to El Nido is expensive and are not part of the resort rates.  Try flying to Puerto Princesa and take a bus/van to El Nido or Taytay.

4. Book with Agoda. Agoda has a rewards program where you earn points whenever you book with them. The points have monetary values which you can redeem in your next booking.

Whether you stay in El Nido Resorts or not, you must visit Palawan at least once in your life.  Palawan is a proof that the Philippines is indeed a beautiful country. I saw this video and I am inspired to explore this country more.


P.S. El Nido Resorts did not ask me to write the series of blog posts about them. I enjoyed my experience in their resort that I felt the need to share the experience in this blog.

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