That Busy December 2015

Honestly, we did not have a great start to 2016 in the family because we lost a few relatives one after the other on the first few days of January and I also got sick. However, this is not a reason for me not to look back at the blessings I had for December.

I was done with my writing work by mid-December. I have pending commission art work which I already planned to complete before the year ends. My December was full of get-togethers, food, presents, friendship, family and laughter. I tried my best to embrace every moment with joy in my heart.

My friend, Teram, threw a party for us and I enjoyed what she prepared.


These are some of the bunch I went to Coron with this year and we are looking forward to our next trip together.


My friend came home for a vacation and we got these as presents.

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I also got pomelo from my former colleague.


When Christmas came, we did not want to slave in the kitchen so we just cooked a pre-sliced ham, made macaroni salad and bought brownies. We had these for dinner.


Because we were not busy with the preparation, we were able to attend the midnight mass for Christmas. When we went home, we ate cookies.


It was on Christmas day when we prepared for Christmas lunch with family. We were well-rested for the night so it was a stress-free lunch.


This is my family.


There were more parties and get-together with friends and relatives.



And I got this awesome carrot cake from my high school friends. It was rich, moist and dense. The texture was even. I told her that she needs to teach me how to bake this goodness. I cannot bake as well as her and I am excited to learn especially that my aunt is getting an oven this year. My oven still needs fixing. It has been two years since it broke.


December was also the month that I lost my loving father six years ago. I posted this photo on Facebook to remember him. I really look like my father and in this photo, many saw that he is my doppelganger. I am now older than him in this photo.


And despite the busy schedule, I am happy I was able to complete this commission work.


I hope you all had a wonderful December!

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