Tapping the Power of Mentorship

The Philippines faced a lot of challenges the past year and it will continue to do so in the coming years.

Globe and its #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 ask this question:


The 2010 data from the National Statistics Office reveals that there are 92.34 million Filipinos. This only shows that the biggest resource of the country  is its people. I see people as assets and it is only fitting to invest on their potential. The gift I can give to the Philippines is MENTORSHIP.


A mentor actually sees potential in a person even before a person realizes it. Imagine the people you can motivate to do better in life by being a mentor. I believe each one of us has some skill, talent and knowledge to share to others that can empower them to live a better life. In my own life, I reach out to people when I needed to learn something. And this is not even in a traditional classroom setting. It is just an informal and casual method and I learn a lot just the same. Several times in the past, I called on a friend who used to work for the family to teach me how to cook dinuguan and kare-kare. She is my mentor when it comes to cooking.  I also seek the help of my cousin to learn photography. Even if he lives faraway, we use Facebook to communicate.  I consider him my photography mentor.  A mentor is a positive influence in someone’s life.


Here’s how I think Globe can do mentorship with #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 :

1. Choose a pilot site to implement the project.

2. Get 5 ideas from the pilot area to know what they want to be mentored on.

3. Crowdsource through social media who are willing to volunteer as mentors for any of the 5 ideas.

4. Plan and implement the mentorship program.

5. Monitor feedback from community and modify program to enhance it.

There are other ways to approach this idea. Globe can also setup an internet portal where people can enlist as mentors and specify their skills and expertise. Others can enlist as mentees and specify what they want to be mentored on.  The portal then can match mentors and mentees. From there, mentors and mentees can swap contact details and start the transfer of knowledge.

Industry experts can be tapped to develop a training program on their expertise.  For example, Bamboo can donate an hour of his time teaching musically-inclined kids about songwriting.

Products of mentorship tend to gain confidence and develop self-reliance.  Mentorship is a  gift that keeps on giving.

How about you? “If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”

It is your turn to answer.  Write it on the comment space  below. If my idea is chosen, Globe will pick a winning comment. Winner will receive an iPad 2.

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