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The four-day weekend is coming up and I do not have definite plans. I still am not over the huge blessing that fell on my lap. I am not done daydreaming. πŸ˜€ There is so much to be thankful for so I want to spread the positive energy to everyone.



I stumbled into another contest. I am starting to become a contest magnet. Β HA!

The first person that I thought should join this contest is my cousin who is a great photographer. Β The guy’s got talent in photography and beyond. He turned my otherwise so-so photo into a mouthwatering one.

I sent him the link to the contest a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I learned that he actually joined the contest. Yay! Β To my friends from BCBloggers Β who sent me good vibes when I joined a contest last month, let’s spread the positive energy to one talented guy named Bong. (Naks, hihingi talaga ako ng pasalubong nito. haha!) Click on this linkΒ and share the entries to your wall or simply ‘like’ his set of photos.

I believe in nurturing the talents that God has given us.



He is doing just that. He reads photography books, watches online tutorials and joins workshops. And this is just his hobby! Win or lose, he is already a winner. It takes courage to put your craft out there for others to judge. This is a win-win situation. Maya Angelou says so. πŸ˜‰



Again, I am sharing the linkΒ to his entry for you to visit, share or like. Please let me know if you have done so so that I can thank you properly. If you are interested in this contest, you still have one week left to send in your entries. Two photographers and one writer will be chosen. Who knows?


Source: etsy.com via kat on Pinterest

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