January 2014 Wrap Up: 5 Good things that Happened

I completed my gratitude project for 2014.  This year,  I am doing a monthly wrap up on the good things that happened for the month. Time flies so fast. It seems that January went on a blur and, little did I know it, it is already February!

I am grateful for the past month. There were surprises and realizations.  When I look back on my January, this is what come to mind.

Tried the art of lettering.

Tried the art of lettering.

Friendship. I started the year with a lot of gatherings with friends. I am thankful for the friends I have. God sends people in my life who are angels in disguise. I never thought I can be this friendly but God has a way of allowing me to meet people who are genuinely nice and warm that I can be myself around these people. I do not have to exert effort to be liked and loved.

Fantastic news. I received a good news from a friend. It was an amazing story that I often see in movies. I promised to keep the news as a secret as requested by my friend. Besides, that big news is the kind of story that should be shared by my friend not me. l feel special for being entrusted with a secret. It is an honor to keep a secret for someone. One of the reasons I do not drink anything alcoholic is that I fear I might spill secrets I keep including  my own secrets if I get a little tipsy! Hehe

Food. I have been watching my food intake. I tried to cook healthier. It is a challenge to go on diet in our household because my family sometimes does not take my diet declarations seriously. They kept offering me food that are not allowed in the junk food challenge. They forget. They kept requesting me to make dessert which obliged but it was quite a challenge to resist eating the dessert after. It is sad I slaved in the kitchen to make those dessert and I do not get to eat them. But I prevailed.

Fitness. I started to join a fitness challenge. My friend, Grace, posted a video of herself doing some exercise sequences and it looked like I can do those types of workout. I tried one set of exercise and I liked it so I am doing this for 60 days. I am already on my 6th day. 54 days to go!

Faith. It was an inspirational month for many of us who followed the visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines. I hope I remember the message he shared to everyone. With the sad news recently, it is really a test faith how we can unite as people of God. I pray for justice and peace in my country.

I am looking forward to February.


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