I Got Mail! Thanks, Lulu Swing and Momaye!

I talked about Lulu Swing last year but I never really ordered anything from them until I saw this on my Facebook timeline last month.

lulu swing

Photo from Lulu Swing.

Nothing motivates me to buy more than the word “sale”. Since I worked hard for the past few months, I felt I deserved two pairs of shoes.

I wore the first pair on that Cebu trip.


I have yet to wear these. Pretty soon! IMG_9639

Thanks, Lulu Swing!


Fellow BCBlogger, Maye, held a blog giveaway late June and the prize is a P500-worth of crochet products from her online shop. Yes, she (and sometimes her husband, Allan) made these products by crocheting.  The great news is that I won! I was thrilled.

When I found out that I won, I immediately checked out her Facebook photos to choose items I wanted made.  Last week, she finally finished what I had chosen.


Here I am trying to model the headbands. HA! I realize that it is difficult to get a selfie at this angle. headband3

Thanks, Momaye! Check out her online shop.

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