How to Save On Honeymoons After Marriage

I am not getting married any time soon. I am not even in a relationship. I just know how to daydream. I just came from a trip and it does trigger some thoughts. These tips below can apply to regular travel, not just honeymoon.

A luxurious, picturesque wedding can be a large expenditure, hampering the budget that is left to be spent on the honeymoon. In many families, funds for the honeymoon are gifted to the couple from wedding guests and family members. In others, the parents of the bride or groom may choose to pay for the honeymoon as a single wedding gift. However, the honeymoon is not always completely funded, leaving it up to the newly married couple to plan the honeymoon within their allowed budget.

Buying Travel Packages
Many companies, such as hotel chains and airlines, offer traveling packages as honeymoons. Honeymoon packages usually consist of airfare, a hotel stay, and a car rental for the duration of the vacation. These packages can give huge discounts, but the couple can expect to save at least 5% to 10%. When traveling to places like Paris, France or London, England, those small discounts can make a huge difference.

Honeymooning During the Off Season
Many travel destinations have off seasons. Off seasons are times during the year that the destination receives few tourists as compared to the tourist season. During the off season, hotel stays are cheaper, fine dining is less crowded, and there are many more private opportunities (such as being alone on a beach).

Booking At the Right Time
In addition to privacy and cheaper hotel rooms during the off season, booking at the right time can yield cheap airfare as well. Many report that airfare is at its cheapest 47 days before the day of the flight; therefore, this is the best day to book it. It is also best to depart and arrive on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, as weekend flights will cost much more on average.

Staying Local
If the couple decides to avoid paying $300 or more in travel expenses, they can opt for a more local honeymoon. They could travel within 400 miles of their residence over the course of a few hours usually. The cost of gas will be much lower than the price of plane tickets or long road trips. Almost every couple can find a romantic retreat within a 400 mile radius.

A honeymoon does not have to cost as much as a down payment on a home. Frugal newlyweds can find hundreds of ways to save on their honeymoon, with the biggest savings applying to the destination, method of travel, and the hotel stay.

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