Getting a good bargain

I am a wise-spender. (Ahem. kuripot!!!) When I am in a grocery, I am always on the lookout for a good bargain. My arithmetic skill comes in handy.  I always calculate how much I save if I get brand #1 instead of brand #2. However, I do not buy every buy one-take scheme being offered. I follow my own bargain rules. Besides, my budget is often limited since I follow the “live within your means” lifestyle.

Rule 1: Always be on the lookout for a good bargain

I often scour the bargain rack and find promotional items that are sold half its price.  It is tempting to buy those items but I have to remind myself to buy only what I need. When this offer came up, it was too good to pass up.  The 200ml Head and Shoulders costs around P118. I paid P118 for this box. I get the Olay soap for free so I get to save P40!

I saw a Pantene pack of a large bottle of conditioner with a free small conditioner bottle. It was a good deal. However, my scalp and Pantene are not compatible so I ignored the deal.

Rule 2: Know what products work for you (and you actually use)

I am not sensitive when it comes to soaps so whenever there is a good deal and it fits my budget, I buy. Soaps do not expire. I think.  (do they?)  I store as many as I can.

I am a low-maintenance kind of person. With just a daily shower with shampoo and soap, I am good to go. I admit I tend to spend a lot of time in the shower. I make up for it by dressing up fast.

Rule 3: Buy in bulk

We found a product warehouse that sells toilet paper in bulk. They supply toilet paper to hotels and other commercial establishments. For 48 rolls, it costs P292 which is P6.08/roll. For the same quality, the toilet paper brand we buy from the grocery costs P7.50/ roll.

The downside in bulk-buying is that we tend to use the product more because we know we still have a lot of them in storage. I heard my aunt complain about a family-member-I-will-not-name for using too much toilet paper. I have to be aware of our consumption, too.  There are two of us in the house and three of them in my aunt’s house but our toilet paper consumption are the same. (Theory: We drink too much water. 😀 )

I saw 6 packs of 8-in-a-pack sanitary napkins for a bargain price and it is the brand I use. I am still thinking about allotting a budget for it.  I remember what Sheldon Cooper said on buying in bulk.

Sheldon: Are you sure. There are a lot of advantages to buying in bulk. For example, I noticed that you purchase your tampons one month’s supply at a time.
Penny: What?
Sheldon: Well think about it, it’s a product that doesn’t spoil, and you’re going to be needing them for at least the next thirty years.

HAHA! Here’s the clip:

Care to share your saving tips?

Note: Although it may look like one, this is NOT a sponsored post .

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