Doppelgangers: Separated at birth?

Today, people have noticed that my right eye is red. I don’t now what caused it. Can too much internet, too much reading or too much television have a such an effect on my eye? But I have being abusing the eyes for a long time and nothing bad happened, what stimulus could have caused this predicament I am in? I am thinking I might have rubbed my eyes after I held the dog.  Who knows what irritants lurk in his fur? Mental note: never rub eyes. The red eye did not deter me from noticing celebrities who look alike.

Ryan Murphy and John Malkovich

I was watching ‘The Glee Project’, a reality tv search for a glee role. Ryan Murphy, being the show creator, sits as one of the judges. He looks like John Malkovich. The role of John Malkovich in the Clint Eastwood movie, In the Line of Fire, is what I remember him most. He was the antagonist in that movie and was quite creepy. Come to think of it, most roles John Malkovich play are the creepy types. He has this monotonic way of delivering lines and his face shows no emotion.  Ryan Murphy looks the same way in the ‘The Glee Project’. Add to that his unpopularity with Glee fans when he told the press that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer will not be coming back for the 4th season before these actors were informed personally of such move. He just assumed that these actors understood the circumstances of their roles.  Because of that, he was seen as  the “villain” in the eyes of some Glee fans. So, the John Malkovich similarity strengthens. 😀

Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy

John Malkovich
John Malkovich

 Chris O’Dowd and Josh Groban

I watched Season 1 of The I.T. Crowd recently. This British sitcom is about an I.T. department of some British company. It is a funny show. It hits close to home because I used be a part of an IT Department of telecommunication company in my previous job.   IT stands for Information Technology.  One of the main characters is played by Chris O’Dowd. For some reason his wavy hair, physique and some facial feature, reminds me of Josh Groban.  I am a Josh Groban fan. In his concert and guest appearances, he showed his funny side and sense of humor. In some ways, Josh Groban appears geeky like the character Chris O’Dowd played in this sitcom.

Check out the videos below for comparison: (P.S. Video credits belong to the owners of such clips.)

Scene from The I.T .Crowd

Josh Groban

I should sleep now to rest my eyes. Till next post!

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