DIY Tie Dye

Do you have a favorite shirt? I do and I tend to wear them over and over after every wash. At some point, the shirt would look like rag and I would still wear it.  HA! Sometimes, my laundry skills fail me.  I had two white shirts that had faint yellow stains that even though I often prefer comfort over fashion and cleanliness over beauty, I feel that I should do something about the stains. I already tried removing the stains using bleach. I found inspiration from Pinterest on what do with these shirts.


Source: via kat on Pinterest

So I bought some packs of dye from an office supplies store.

There are instructions at the back of the packet on how to use them. I was eyeing on the stripes and swirls design. I strategically tied the area to get my desired design.  I started to soak the shirt on the dye mixture one color at a time. Here are my tie-dyed shirts after I hung them to dry.

I now have two new shirts. My next project would be this design.


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