DIY Customized Gift Wrapping Paper

It was the baptism of my friend’s second daughter.  I already had a gift but the place where I bought my gift did not sell gift wrapping paper or gift boxes. Good thing, it was near a fabric store so I bought 2 meters of ribbon there for P4.00/meter.

I decided to create a customized wrapping paper by printing the baby’s name on a colored typewriting paper. I found few pieces in my files. I originally decided to use plain white bond paper but changed my mind when I found specialty paper with a light pink tint.

I typed the baby’s name repeatedly and printed it on the paper.

I used the paper to wrap the box which contained my gift. I tied a ribbon over it. Voila!

I need to use tape to fasten the three sheets of paper. I decided to use these tapes I bought a year ago for P25/batch.

The yellow tape caught my attention.  Probably because it is the only yellow in the batch.

Hmm, I think I ruined my gift design. Ha! The party was for the baby so I hope the whimsical tape was understandable. I also realized that I forgot to put my name on the gift. I hope my friend was able to figure out that the gift was from me.

The giveaway during the party was a cupcake.

Not a real cupcake though. It is a hand towel that is shaped into a cupcake. Cute.  I don’t think I will ever use that hand towel. I don’t want to ruin the design.  😀

There are other ways of wrapping gifts.  Start collecting the comics pages of the newspaper or colorful pages from a magazine. Christmas is near!

Here are some ideas from Pinterest.


Source: via Donna on Pinterest


Source: via tanika on Pinterest


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