Before Ever After- The Movie

No, the movie is not in the works. Not that I know of. Not that I would know first. Come to think of it, that would be another awesome feat if the movie is being made just a little over a week after the book was released.

In my previous blog post, I wrote about asking Samantha who she thought would make a good Max and Shelley should the book be made into a movie. She said that she wants people to pick their cast.  Thus, I am writing this post.

Kat’s first picks: The Odd Bunch (but I will justify my picks!)

Sean Bean as Max. I know. He’s a bit older. He’s 52 while Max is 32.  I was watching ‘Game of Thrones’ while reading Samantha’s book so he came up first on my list. I do not even think Sean Bean has done a role where he is as funny as Max. He is always the serious type.  There is always a first. Who knows? He might say yes if I offer him the role. (Anything is possible in my fantasy world.) And the age? He played Eddard Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’ in his 50’s when the book states that Eddard is 35.  This is a make-believe world. Plus, Sean Bean is British!

Here’s a video of Sean Bean in an interview.

Paula Peralejo as Shelley. Shelley is 26. Paula is in her 20’s so age is not a problem. I do not remember how Shelley was described physically. All I know is that she has aquamarine eyes, dark lashes and beautiful. Paula can wear contact lenses. Filming the movie requires traveling to off-beaten paths, doing unique activities, diving, climbing, etc. Paula can do all those without hesitation. (Now I sound like Paula’s agent. Ha!)

I cannot find a youtube video of Paula so just google search and you will find plenty of photos of her on the web. If you’ve done your search, what do you think? Isn’t she lovely?

Patrick J. Adams as Paolo. I am guessing you would ask, “Who is Patrick J. Adams?” Like my choice for Max, I was watching ‘Suits’ when I thought of him as Paolo. ‘Suits’ is a new TV series about a very intelligent college dropout who ends up working as an associate in a law firm (pretending to be a real lawyer). I just like him to be a part of this fantasy movie. He’s got the right age. It is just that the book says Paolo looks like Max. Err.. he does not look like Sean Bean, my choice for Max. Hahaha!

Here’s a video of Patrick J. Adams being interviewed by Associated Press:

Second choices

From my first picks, it clearly shows I will never be a good casting director. (But in my fantasy world, I am the best there is! LOL! I rule in my own world, of course. ) I choose people based on my recent interaction with them through TV shows I watch and celebrities I tweet.

So let me think about other choices. Think, think, Kat! Max and Paolo look alike. The first look-a-likes that come to mind is Tobey Maguire and Topher Grace. (I am laughing at my choices right now.) I might as well get Kirsten Dunst as Shelley. What is this? Before Ever After- Spider-Man Edition? Max is not only immortal but he has superpowers. Haha! Samantha won’t be happy about the changes in my movie.

Here’s a video of Tobey Maguire and Topher Grace interviewing each other:

Third try

Like other casting directors, choices can change at some point. Top choices may be unavailable to film the movie so they look for other actors. If Wikipedia should be trusted as a source of information, Julia Roberts was not the first choice for the role of Vivian in Pretty Woman. So, these three actors should not be sad that they were not picked first.

Taking cues from the book, Paolo looks like Max. Max has amber eyes, brown hair and some hint of a cleft chin. Shelly has aquamarine eyes and dark lashes. Paolo and Max are 32 while Shelley is 26. Tada!! This is the best this lousy casting director can scout using google search and google images. I realize that it is hard to look for actors with amber eyes and brown hair.

Johnny Knoxville as Max. He is a comedian so I hope he can be as charming as Max. He can still look like a 32-year old man. Please try not to be a jackass (get it?), Johnny. Or I’ll fire you. LOL! As if!

Here’s Johnny Knoxville on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Josh Duhamel as Paolo. He looks like Johnny Knoxville. (And he can be funny! Hmm. Should I cast him as Max, instead?)

Alexis Bledel as Shelley. She is in her 20’s and beautiful. She has dark lashes and eyes with a shade of blue. I dunno if her eye color will qualify for aquamarine.  This movie can catapult her to super stardom like Julia Roberts did in ‘Pretty Woman’ so she should say yes to my offer. Ha!


This has been a fun exercise but casting people for a role is difficult when you just browse thru photos. My choices can be odd and serve only me. I should call for auditions next time. 😉

See you till the next casting call in my fantasy world!

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