A September to Remember

It was my birthday month. I would have wanted to do something special but the month started with work. My waking hours was spent working on the report for the first week that by the time it was my birthday, I was typing like crazy trying to beat my own deadline. I don’t want to spend the birthday buried with work. Thankfully, I finished at 10 AM on the day of my birthday.  We had a simple celebration at home.  Like the previous year, I picked my own cake which my aunt paid for. I had a yellow mango roll cake this year. I had a simple lunch with family.


I tried to catch some sleep in the afternoon that I missed my friend’s call. She was looking for me. Since I made no plans to celebrate with friends, she decided to treat me on my birthday. Thank you, God! I have awesome friends and family. My heart is full.

Vendors started selling Lanzones in September that I got excited. There was a time that we bought 3 kilos of Lanzones and ate them until we were satisfied.


My friend who was into farming brought us some of her produce. She had dragon fruit and passion fruit. I have not tried both fruits. The passion fruit was juicy but very sour.  The dragon fruit tasted like papaya to me.  I do not mind eating both fruits again.


Oh, she also brought a snake gourd.  She said it tastes like ampalaya (bitter gourd) without the bitterness. I was not able to taste this because I gave it to our friends. My aunts who are scared of snakes did not want this in the house. They always get frightened whenever they see the gourd in my table. So I gave it to my friends. Well, I took a photo first. Hahaha

FullSizeRender (1)

My friend and I snagged a trip to Bacolod on a promo fare early this year. So off we went on the second week of Septmber! I have yet to write a post about it. For now, let us marvel at The Ruins in Talisay City. Note the little watermark I created. I will start adding that little logo on my creative photos.


Since I started doing art, a month without it is a month wasted. I have started accepting commission work and this is part of a series which a friend requested. I also added a new logo as a watermark. All photos of my artwork will now have this type of watermark.


It has been a wonderful September and I am really thankful for the blessings.

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