36 Random Thoughts from a 36-Year-Old

I was supposed to write this on my birthday but work and travel got in the way.  Initially, I wanted to do a life lessons list but I changed my mind because, at 36, I neither have rich life lessons to share nor wisdom to give advice. An advice that work for me may not work for another person. These are just thoughts in my head and you may agree or disagree with me.

1. Being alone and being lonely are two different things.
2. You hold power over your own happiness.
3. When you know yourself well, opinions of others do not matter.
4. Life is short. Forgive more. Love more. Smile more.
5. Being an introvert is underrated. I watched a TED talk by Susan Cain. Being an introvert, I can totally relate.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0KYU2j0TM4]

6. Work hard. There is value in labor. However, it is also efficient to work smart. Learn how to remove unnecessary tasks that can only cause stress.
7. What a person shares in social media is only a fraction of what a person is all about.

8. Love is not something that comes with a deadline. The ticking biological clock does not mean I should lower my standards. I still believe in true love. If I can’t find one, I won’t settle with just anyone.

9. While we often associate love with the heart, it is okay to use  your brain.  In a recent discussion with a cousin, he believes that love is not something to be felt and but something to be understood.  This may be something he realized from his relationships.

10. Laughter may not be the best medicine but it makes me really feel better.
11. I do not envy wealth. (Well, sometimes. I am only human) Most of the time, I envy other people’s talents. I try to emulate them and develop my own style. (Singing is something I can do well alone without an audience. Promise. HA!)
12. When I like something, I do not hide it. I click that like button on Facebook. HA!
13. You do not have to win all the time. Life is short but it is not a race. Take a breath and try to take it all in and appreciate the world around.
14. Travel enriches the soul. I love the feeling of stepping in a new place for the first time and that feeling of reconnecting to a familiar place.
15. Simple things also bring great joy- a cup of coffee, a warm hug and a beautiful sunrise.
16. I am not really deeply religious but I believe there is a higher being looking after all of us. I love my Catholic faith but I respect other people’s beliefs, too. Instead of dwelling on our differences, why not celebrate what we have in common?
17. Never underestimate the power of prayer.

Source: http://beyondblessedblog.com/2013/01/01/more-less/

Source: http://beyondblessedblog.com/2013/01/01/more-less/

18. Nobody’s perfect. It is okay make mistakes. Make sure you learn from them.

19. Make time for family and friends.
20. Be thankful. You may not realize how blessed you are.
21. I need to look after my health. I am now at my heaviest weight.
22. I live within in my means. I do not need to pretend I am someone else.

23. I love compliments but I try not let it get in my head. I thank the person complimenting and move on to doing positive things.
24. One of the books that had an impact on me is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird”.   I love this line from the book: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”
25. It is never too late to have new dreams.  It is never too late to learn new things.

26. It is not how much you earn. It is how much you saved.  It is not how much you have but how much of what you have you worked hard for.
27.  Words hurt but you can train yourself not to let those words hover your head.
28.  Be open to meet new friends but try to be your own best friend. You have to like who you are  but not too much that you become narcissistic.
29. Be kind.  They say that happy people are those who find joy in helping others.
30.  Be responsible for your actions.
31. While planning for the future, do not forget to appreciate the moment now.
32. Indulge in quiet moments. Silence allows you to listen to your heart.

33.  Don’t take yourself seriously.

34. Life is not fair but that is not a reason to give up.
35. The best is yet to come. Every day is an opportunity to live the best day of your life.
36. I love  dogs.  Aren’t we cute? I seldom post photos with my face on it but I can not resist. I hope I made you smile.


Care to share some life thoughts you had recently?

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