30 Reasons to be Thankful for in April 2014

Summer is at its peak. I hope it does not get hotter than today. Whenever I go out, my face is drenched in sweat after a few minutes outdoors. Even with the scorching heat, there are still a lot of reasons to be thankful for. I am glad I am still able to keep up with the gratitude journal.

Here are the reasons why I am thankful for April:

1. Understanding. I was late for a meeting. Well, I was in the nick of time.  For some reason, some people are quite understanding of my tardiness. I was glad I was still able to do what is expected from me.

2. Knowledge-sharing. Because I have a mathematics degree, my cousins run to me for help with numbers. My cousin plans to take the NMAT and she wants help on how to answer those math problems in her review.  I am glad I was able to help. I am glad there are still concepts that stuck in my head even if I have not done some math problems for years.

3. Fun conversation. Even if my friend is faraway, we were still able to keep in touch and laugh about our day.

4.  People who melt the heart.

And what inspires this thought? Suits is back! With a few Google clicks, I learned that Gabriel Macht came to the Philippines. Why didn’t I know this?
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQDZc6UuWFA]

5. Friend’s blessing. The construction of my friend’s apartment is almost complete.

6. Photo inspiration. I worked all day but I had time to edit my cover photo on Facebook. Here it is!

You may download this photo, free of charge. :D

You may download this photo, free of charge. 😀

7. TV show. Game of Thrones is back!

8. Lechon! My cousin invited us to his new home.  Food was prepared and there was lechon. Yay!

9. Holiday. It is “Araw ng Kagitingan”.  I tried to be creative today using the Windows Paint program. 😀


10. Ridiculous text. I often say that I get more texts from an infotext number than real people. I got this funny text and gained a lot of funny comments from friends on Facebook. Yes, I got a lot of ribbing. All for fun!

11. Clean bill of health. My aunt had her regular checkup today and I am thankful that she had good results.

12. Meeting with classmates. We had lots of food and we were always laughing.

13. Birthday. It is an Aunt’s birthday. This means free dinner!

14. Cool math videos. I hope people will start liking math once they have seen these videos.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPA3bwVVzGI]

15. Prayers.  For some reason, I like praying on my own. I really talk to God like having a conversation with him. A friend asked me to include her in my prayers as she will do the same for me. I thank God for prayer warriors.

16. Playlist. I am a huge Lea Salonga fan. I was trying to get a copy of her Playlist book last year but it was always unavailable. Finally, I got mine.


17. Binignit. It was Holy Thursday and everyone is avoiding meat. The favorite dish for this season is binignit (guinataang halo-halo). Enterprising vendors in our local market got creative. The sell the mix per kilo. We do not have to cut those ingredients anymore. This saves us the trouble of cutting kamote, gabi and ube into cubes.

18. Food. Most businesses are closed today so it was be hard to buy something to eat. Thank you God that we have enough.

19. Realization that I need help. My bathroom clogged and we have a device to unclog it but it broke. I spent an hour trying to fix it. Dirt mud all over me. I lamented that this is the time I need a husband. LOL!

20. Finished tasks. Since I went on a vacation, there was a backlog of tasks I needed to complete. Today, I finished all of them. I have enough leeway to be on track since I have another trip next month. Hehe!

21. Time for another work. Because I completed the task the previous day, I have enough time for another job without putting pressure on myself. I had enough time.

22. Mochi. Delicious. And I think I got my friend addicted to it, too.
23. Good news. I received some good news today!

24. Sign. There is an idea floating at the back of head for several months now and I got an answer. I have prayed for such a favor and I realized that the answer may not be something I have hoped for. I believe God has other plans for me. I just got to have faith.

25. Clogged bathroom fixed. And I did not need a husband to do it. Haha! I feel proud to fix it on my own. I have been using a flooded bathroom for days. Thank God for the wisdom on how to get it done.

26. Fiesta. We were invited to a fiesta in a barrio. I love going to places in the city where I have not been. I brought my camera with me and did some shoot with my cousins.

I love this rural setting

I love this rural setting

27. Black Sambo. I was able to make three containers and they love it. We froze the Black Sambo and it tasted like ice cream. My cousin loved it so much that he gave me money to make another batch.

28. Answered prayers. All the while, I thought that the answer to my previous prayer is “No”. I think the answer to my prayer is “maybe”.

29. Free lessons. I got some free photography lessons from my cousin who came home for a vacation.

30. Letter sent. I was asked to write a solicitation letter for the alumni homecoming.

Goodbye April, Hello May!

There weren’t really much showers on April but I hope there will still be May flowers. 😀

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