3 Things You Need To Know When Visiting Australia For The First Time


Who wouldn’t want to visit the ‘land down under?’ Australia is the place for your bucket list dreams, with over 10,000 beaches to relax in, a diverse cultural heritage to discover, and some of the greatest cities in the world. Wildlife lovers will want to get up close and personal with the kangaroos and koalas, and for those looking for a more active holiday, there is the Outback to explore, and underwater adventures in the Great Barrier Reef. In short, Australia is a fantastic place to visit, and we have only just touched the surface with the country’s highlights. Here are some other reasons why you really should put Australia on your bucket list.

However, if you are planning on visiting Australia, there are a few things you need to know before arrival.

#1: You need to know that Australia is huge!

Don’t assume you can see all of Australia during your one week’s vacation time a year. Flying from Brisbane to Perth, for example, will take you five hours! And if you’re driving that particular journey, you’re looking at a three-day trip. Unless you are planning on backpacking around Australia for a good six months or so, we recommend you pick one area to visit and explore all that is on offer.

So, if you’re looking for a beach holiday, we recommend the Gold Coast, with its magnificent coastlines and ample surfing opportunities. If you want to get the Outback experience, learn more about Australia’s indigenous lifestyle, and see a few kangaroos, we recommend a stay in Alice Springs. Or if you’re looking for fun in the city, with stores galore and a bustling nightlife, we recommend you hire a car from Bayswater Car Rentals and see what Sydney has to offer you. Think about what you want from your travels, do your research, and then plan your route accordingly.

#2: You will need to ignore the myths

Let’s debunk a few of the common myths about Australia so you aren’t taken by surprise when you visit. For starters, let’s talk about food. It’s not all about throwing ‘shrimps on the barbie,’ no matter what you have seen on your television.There are all kinds of traditional foods in Australia, some a little unusual – Witchetty Grubs, fried crocodile – and some a little more common – meat pies, and fish and chips. You owe it to yourself to explore the culinary delights on offer, but don’t expect a barbecue around every corner.

Another misconception is that Australia is a dangerous place to visit. Sure, there are crocodiles and snakes in the country, but you are unlikely to bump into one unless you are exploring away from the mainlands. Australia is actually considered to be a very safe travel destination, but as with any country you aren’t familiar with, it’s still worth adhering to a few safety tips, especially if you are traveling solo.

#3: You might never want to leave

Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to throw away your return ticket home. When visiting Australia, you will soon discover why many people decide to uproot themselves and move there. The air is fresh and clean. The people are laid back and friendly. The climate is hotter than in most countries. And with the golden sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, and simply stunning mountain ranges, Australia is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And did we mention the kangaroos and koalas? You will have a fabulous time, no matter where you are in Australia, so get ready for a few tears IF you do decide to make that return journey home.

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