28 Reasons to be Thankful for February 2014

This post is long overdue. I have been working and traveling so updating this blog took a backseat. Plus, it took time before I got my writing groove back. I had work waiting for me and I still have not truly rested from traveling.  Then, there were those moments when I looked back at the photos of our travel and recalled the fun times we had.

Let me get this post going before I get carried away again. Here are the 28 reasons I am thankful for last February.

1. Reassurance. The events unfolding in Thailand made my heart beat faster. A friend of mine said it was okay to go there. (Note: We all know what happened to my trip.)

2. Meeting new friends. My friend organized a feeding session for those kids who were victims of Typhoon Agaton in her area. We distributed snacks and a dentist was asked to teach kids how to properly brush their teeth.  Toothbrush and toothpaste were also distributed. I got to meet some of her friends and we had a mini-photoshoot as I am in charge of taking the photos.


3. Free time. I am usually free during Mondays so I use the time to run errands. For this time, I used the day for planning the week ahead.

4. Push to get things done.  I have filed my income tax return!  Hurray! Deadline is still on April 15 but I filed in advance so I do not have to think about it anymore.  Plus I overpaid my taxes so I still have tax credits for next quarter. Hurray!

5. Successful call. My flight got cancelled and I know it was difficult to reach the Cebu Pacific hotline but I was able to get through on the second attempt.

6. My aunt. No thanks to the developing colds but thanks to my aunt who bought me medicine without me asking.  I am really not fond of taking medicine because I believe my immune system will work to fight the virus. However, the medicine gave me relief even for a short while.

7. Entertainment. Sheldon kissed Amy! I know this is fiction but I love The Big Bang Theory!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zva3SRxQCv0]

8. Pasalubong. My cousin came from Cagayan de Oro and brought me J.Co donuts.

9. Safe travel. My aunt was away for almost a week to accompany her friend to get treatment in Cagayan de Oro.  We were uncertain when she would be home. We got  a surprise when we heard a honk from the car that brought her home. Oh, I got two laptop sleeves from her- in polka dots!.

10.  Work opportunities. There would be fewer free times. I would miss a lot of TV shows but there is a meaningful work ahead. I am fine with that.

11. Cebu Pacific Refund.  I wrote a lengthy piece about that in the previous post.

12. Time with family. It was my cousin’s birthday the day before. February 12 was also my late father’s birthday while the 13th was my late mother’s. We all went to the newly opened Chowking for lunch. In the afternoon, we went to the mall with my nephew.


13. Sweet ponkan.  I was loading up on vitamin C because of the colds and I was lucky to buy sweet ones. I was able to consume 3 in one sitting.

14. Grape plant. I got a surprise gift from a friend with green thumb: grape! Not yet the edible kind but it is ready for planting in two weeks. I hope I won’t kill it.  Who needs a valentine when you have thoughtful friends?  Haha!

15. Books. My friend was looking for a book to read and it was a reminder for me to start reading my pending books.

16. Bibingka. My friend who was then in Bangkok showed me the cake she was eating that I suddenly craved one.  Good thing, a bibingka  (rice cake) vendor showed up at our gate.


17. Movie break. I watched ‘Starting over again’ with my aunt. The other aunt already watched it ahead of us and recommended that we watched the movie.

18. Interesting dinner.  The dinner guests (and that included me) were treated to a poetry rendition. It was amazing how my friend’s father  can just blurt out those classic poems from memory. Fascinating!

19. Work. What needed to be done became clearer.  There were still a lot of work to do but there was confidence that we could do it.

20. Lechon.  Free lechon was always welcomed. Yum!

21. Clearer schedule. I had another work from another client and a trip coming up so setting up the schedule made the work easier.  It made things manageable.

22. Sleep! After three days of workshop, I needed my rest.

23.  Wonderful friends.  It was the second feeding session that my friend organized.  This time, more close friends came.


24. Instant shopping. I was on a out-of-town work and I did not know we are going to spend the night in the place. I did not bring extra clothes. Right after work, I went to the town’s only department store. Good thing the store was still open. I was able to buy clothes.

25.  Safe trip. Several roads were damaged because of Agaton. Glad we came home safe.

26.  Accommodation. I used to plan ahead when I travel but things got busy. My trip was on March 1 and it was only on the 26th of February that I was able to finalize our accommodation.

27.  Workshop done. It was the last day of the workshop I was documenting. I could already focus on preparing for the trip after completing the report.

28. Report done.  I did some last minute errands.  Report was done until midnight. I packed my things at midnight in preparation for a 9:45 AM flight the next day.

Whew! Thank  you, God, for February!

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