10 Reasons Why I Want an El Nido Resorts Holiday

I live in a country with 7,100+ islands and I have only been to 4 islands. Shocking, I know! I bow my head in shame. I still have a lifetime ahead of me to conquer most of the islands. With a trip to El Nido, I can set foot on a few islands and I can hold my head a little bit higher again.

Good vibes are on my side as I stumble into this opportunity to get that El Nido getaway.


So, here are 10 reasons why I want that El Nido Resorts Holiday:

1. There must be a reason why stumbled upon this contest.  Some call it fate or destiny . I call it opportunity.  I think it was Oprah Winfrey who said that success is when opportunity meets preparation.  Oh, I am so prepared to have this vacation.  😀  I am sending positive vibes to the universe to achieve this.  I am trying to remember how the sand feels on my toes, seawater on my face and clean breeze on my hair.


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2. When I talk to people about their dream holiday destination, Palawan is always on the list and El Nido is on top of the list when it comes to Palawan travel destinations. I think El Nido is the testament of God’s love for humankind. How does one explain the immense beauty of this place? I’ve only seen the photos and they are breathtaking. I can only imagine the intense emotion I will feel when I see the place with my own eyes.


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3. I have an adventurous spirit although the body resists sometimes. With the lineup of activities in El Nido, I think the challenge for me  will be: how am I going to squeeze in all those activities in 4 days? (Yes, I am already planning the vacation in my head. By the power of positive thinking, I will achieve this dream.)



4. Sometimes I get caught up in my busy life that I forget to appreciate the little things like the beauty of a sunrise or the comfort of a good cup of hot chocolate. It is when I travel that get to appreciate Mother Nature and her work of art.



5. Communing with nature is therapeutic. It washes away the worries. There is serenity in the sounds of the waves rushing to shore, assurance in the chirping of the birds and warmth in the rays of the sun as they touch my skin. (I love my brown skin, by the way.)



6. I believe that Filipinos are the most hospitable people in the world. Wonderful service+ great location= ultimate vacation. Who doesn’t want that?



7. I love photography. I am not a pro. I take advantage of the power of a digital camera. I take as many photos as I can and I choose the best one. Nature photography is foolproof so I indulge in it as much possible. For now, I practice in my neighbor’s garden.

8. I want my own El Nido photo. I am reserving this space and another blog post when I get that El Nido experience.

9.  I want this vacation because I may never have that dream honeymoon. HA! I believe we create our own happiness. I am in my 30’s, single and happy.  Travel is my way of celebrating my life.  Life is short; we only live once.  😀



10. Everyone deserves an El Nido vacation. That includes you and me.


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