5 Things You Should Know About Starting a New Workout Routine

Before you start a new workout program, there are basic things you need to know about workout procedures. If you are training as an athlete, training for an event or for weight loss, these are the basic tips you need to bear in mind. Preparation for the workout is very important. If you meet the basic Pre workout requirementyou will easily achieve the results that you seek. Doing so will enable you to regularly train and achieve the results. You should train for at least three days per week in order for the workout routine to yield results.

Here are 5 things you should know about starting a new workout routine:

  1.    Choose a proper meal plan

Having a meal plan helps you to eat a healthy diet. A proper diet and regular exercises are the two key aspects of weight loss and keeping fit. You cannot ignore the importance of diet if you are thinking of starting a workout program. A diet rich in proteins is recommended. Green vegetables and plenty of fruits are also good for you. You should also include wholemeal carbohydrates for energy supply. You should also include appropriate supplements.

  1.    Set clear goals

If you set clear goals then you will work out towards the goals and you will achieve them. Do not set unattainable goals. This will only lead to disappointments. With clear goals, it becomes easier to design a good workout program. Do not rush the process. If you are working out to lose weight or training to keep fit for athletics, remember it will take time. You should be patient.

  1.    Minimize chances of injury

You can do this by preparing well for the workout. Taking the appropriate supplements before a workout can help minimize your chances of injury. You should however not be afraid of intense workouts. The major cause of injury during a workout is due to a high-intensity workout. You may suffer some soreness, tight muscles and stiffness at some point. With time your body acclimatizes and you no longer feel the pain.

  1.    Level up your exercises

You should start with low-intensity workouts. As the program advances, you can increase the intensity of your work out. You should not do the same sets every time. This is one way through which you can get a new boost of motivation when you try something new. Having a partner for moral support is also highly recommended. This will also help you to keep on track.

  1.    Post workout recovery

After intense workout, you should rehydrate your body by taking plenty of water. You should also eat healthy snacks and appropriate supplements. Ensure that you get enough rest as well so that you are relaxed on your next workout session.

These are the five important tips you need to bear in mind when starting a workout program. It is a good idea to invest in appropriate workout gear. Ensure that you stay focused and motivated. You should continuously challenge yourself and keep up the workout routine. If your goal is to keep fit, then you will achieve it if you follow these tips.


It was two years ago when I was actively into fitness. I was a lot leaner then. But then I had to stop, I had a small health scare which prevented me from doing exercises. With my health challenges already under control and managed, I should be back to doing some exercises.

With summer slowing making its presence felt, so does regrets; regrets that the past months could have been spent on getting back in shape. The round-is-a-shape reasoning no longer held its water when I struggled carrying my weight around while traveling to Bataan last month . Climbing stairs, jumping to the sea and other activities made me realize I was not as agile as before. With another summer getaway planned for next month, I feel that I need to be more active. I know can still push to shed a few pounds before hitting the islands and soaking up the summer sunshine.

To enhance that fitness regimen and unleash that urban brave attitude, I am trying to push myself to start working out again. Fitness essentials from Urbanize can surely make the fitness journey a little better. Here are five must-have for the gym warrior I am working to turn myself into:

1. Popband

Hair ties with a pop of color put me in a good mood. I will need that before every workout. Plus, no more stray hairs! These bands are designed to be gentle to the hair. So no stress to the tresses! With every muscle contracted and stretched, beads of sweat may roll but my hair will stay in place and away from my face so I can focus on what is essential: powering up!

2. Hydrapak

I need to be hydrated before workout, while working out and after working out. I need this handy Hydrapak that is easily collapsible when I already consumed all the water I needed. This very light device can be easily packed for urban fitness on-the-go.

3. The Camo Seamless Tote by Focused Space

Gym bags should not be boring. This tote is the perfect go-to bag to pack my gym clothes and other essentials. It is non-descript so this can be used as a gym bag and transition to a regular tote bag. I can easily carry this from gym to lunch with friends and still look as urban brave as I can be- as if I did not struggle through crunches and lunges!

4. Lewis N Clark Packing Cube

I want to keep my things inside my gym bag as neat as possible so I can easily find what I need. This comes in different sizes to accommodate the different items I need as an urban brave individual. I see myself packing my cables and electronic devices to prevent them in a tangled mess.

5. The Qliplet by Lulabop

I do not need to call McGyver should I need help in carrying stuff around. I plan to start jogging (okay, walking) around the block aside from working out in the gym and at home. I need some nifty device I can hang in my belt to carry the Hydrapak, for example. This Qliplet is the perfect device for simplifying my planned active and urban brave life.

Let us hope I sustain this fitness lifestyle. Summer, here I come! How about you? What are you fitness essentials? Check out the Urbanize Facebook page and website. You may find what you need for your urban brave lifestyle.

*** This is a contest entry for Nuffnang Philippines.

The Road to Fitness

Since the start of 2014, I have been regularly exercising. I exercised twice to thrice a week. It was a simple 17-minute Zumba routine for flat abs.  I also did standing abs workout by Fitness Blender as an alternative. I guess by now you know where my problem area is. I can see some cuts on my abs trying to form a six-pack. Or so I thought. The tummy area was still prominent. The fitness regimen was in preparation for a climb. My friends and I were supposed to climb Mt. Kinabalu last June. Then, May came where fiestas and homecoming abound. I did not exercise for a month and I ate to my heart’s delight.

September came and I turned another year older and I felt I need a fresh start with fitness.  I exercised regularly and I stopped drinking coke.  I followed three exercise videos for  some time.

In case you want to try them, these are the youtube videos I follow:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqmqwaFb1AM?rel=0] [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKFVZu_4Lq4?rel=0] [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vve4BVTZ0QU?rel=0]

I lost 5 pounds off my weight and 2 inches of my waistline. The holiday season came and for two weeks, I allowed myself to drink coke and enjoy some good food. I did not gain a lot so I am off to a good start in 2015

I never felt alone in my fitness journey. I am inspired by my friends, Grace, Shirly, May and Roselle, who are very determined to be fit and healthy. For the exercise routine, I tried other variations to keep it interesting. I tried Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred but I did not last long. I do not like workouts that involve me lying on the floor. Hopefully, that will change in time. I also tried Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 Base Kit – DVD Workout. I was out of breath and my legs hurt after. I was not willing to do the routine again.

My friend, Grace, posted a video of herself in her workout routine. It looked like something I can do. It was Les Mills Combat DVD Workout. I tried it and I love it. The routine is not that physically demanding but I sweat profusely after the workout. The workout is good for 60 days with 5 different routines.  The routines are combinations of boxing, taekwondo and karate.  There are also burpees, pushups (which I cannot do) and other exercise routine that I do not like.  I still try them or replace them with jogging in place. I listen to my body. I try not to push too hard that would result to injury.

This is the schedule I am following.

Les Mills Combat_02 60 Day Supreme Warrior Calendar

I thank my friend, Grace, for introducing me to this workout. I am currently on my 6th day.  So far, I am feeling good about this workout. Wish me luck!

How about you?  Do you follow a fitness regimen?

Good health matters

I have always been a chubby kid.

Me and my auntie

Me and my auntie

My mother admitted to me once that she did not like having a thin kid. She feared someone might think she was not feeding me well. being chubby was okay with me but all the pinching I got for my chubbiness did not bode on me well so I told my mother that I would lessen my milk intake. At that time, I was drinking milk like water.  The diet I imposed on myself worked. I grew and lost the weight.

Me and Mama

Me and Mama

Thankfully, I was never too thin nor too fat growing up. I have always maintained a healthy weight… until last year. Based on the food posts I did last year, you know I enjoy eating so much. I only posted what I made. Some of the stuff I ate are on Facebook. HA! As a saying goes, “Once on the lips, forever on the hips.” I managed to break the overweight mark. It alarmed me that I went to check my cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Thankfully, they are at a normal range. My conclusion: I am simply fat.

The lab results.

The lab results.

Even before the New Year, I already started exercising through Zumba.  Thanks to Zalora I got new rubber shoes on sale. I use these for exercising.


I have not adjusted my diet yet but I am inspired by what Erwan Heusaff did. Check out this video.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqE8MvwOrDQ]

How about you? What are plans to stay healthy this year?

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