The Birth of a Domain: How an Error Led Me to Create a New Website on my Own

The Birth of a Domain: How an Error Led me to Create a New Website on my Own

At the start of March this year, I found myself scrambling to fix my old blog. Some spammy content was showing up on the search results redirecting my blog to some foreign websites when you try to search it through Google. I wore my techie hat (I was an IT specialist for 11 years!) for days looking for ways to troubleshoot the errors. I guess I realized there was a reason why I left that job. It can be frustrating to keep on fighting against an unknown enemy. I scoured for ways to fix it and the option of hiring an expert would cost me hundreds of dollars. So my idea of a fix would be creating a new website.

I made light of the situation by telling a friend that I am shifting to a new domain since my old domain,, was already causing me stress. I could no longer live up to its name. The truth is: I could not afford to hire experts. Ha! Poor me. I know I could not wallow in self-pity and helplessness. I decided to just create a new website. I have been wanting to redesign my previous blog but life always gets in the way. I hired someone to design my previous blog because I could not find time to learn how to do it on my own. I saw this situation as the necessary push.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

I saw this as a learning opportunity. I already know how to get a domain name and a hosting service. I developed and managed for almost 7 years so I knew my way around building the site. I just was not too keen with the necessary software and plugin updates with the different tools being used in my site thereby exposing it to vulnerabilities. I learned the lesson the hard way. But there was no use crying over spilt milk. I had to move forward.

I asked a few friends on possible domain names that would fit my personality and the blog. I told them of the initial domain names that spoke to me. I said that I wanted something that has “project” on the name since this website is a personal project. I also wanted something with a positive adjective. I spent days churning up names and searching them if they were available for sale. Some domain names I wanted were pretty expensive. I thought of “thehappyconfettiproject”. It embodied the positive vibes I wanted for my website. I learned that it is better to have a shorter domain so I searched if “happyconfetti” still exists. Yes, it does but for a jaw-dropping $3,395.00!

The Birth of a Domain

After much consideration, I resolved to just use my name. No domain name describes me better than my given name, KatrinaKaren. I can almost hear Dr Seuss: “”Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” Now I am just too happy I was not named, Katrina Jane or Katrina Ann. Thank you, Mama and Papa, for my very affordable name. Hahaha!

The Birth of a Domain

After I finally bought my domain name, the long process of creating this website followed. It took more than a week to get it right (or into a design I can live with). I finally have a website without hiring someone else to do it for me. If you are interested in developing a website, these two Youtube videos helped me a lot: Link1 and Link 2. I will write more about the process in future blog posts. Let me know if you have questions on the process, I will try to answer as best as I can.

The Birth of a Domain

Getting Some Nuffnang Love

I love writing and blogging contests. Maybe because I won in the first contest I joined.  I lost in a few. But that did not dampen my spirit.

So, I joined and joined.

I got the consolation prizes delivered last week.

Goodbye, germs! I got the Safeguard gift pack which I shared with my family.

And the Php1,000 Sodexo gift certificate.

I gave Php400 to my aunts. We bought Selecta Cornetto with the Php100 so I am left with Php500 which I will use to buy stuff from Watsons!

Watsons just opened in my city. I was not able to check it out because of the crowds. Soon!

Here’s what I got from Benetton!

If you have a blog and have not joined Nuffnang, you should.  I have not really cashed out with my Nuffnang ad revenues but, with all the freebies I got, I will not worry about it even if I cash out in 2 years or more. Metro Manila bloggers have better opportunities than those in provinces (like me) because they get to enjoy a lot of free movie screenings. Nevertheless, I am still happy with my loot!

Thanks, Nuffnang!

30-day Blogging Challenge

This April, I will be on a self-imposed blogging challenge.

I created the graphics using Pantone’s colors for Sping 2012.

When I started blogging, my goal was to write one blog post a day. I am still not reaching that goal. There are days that I don’t feel like writing.  I read somewhere that you need to write 1,000 words a day to be a good writer.  So instead of worrying what to write, I have already written down the topics so I have a guide. I cannot guarantee 1,000 words or good writing but if I write something everyday, I believe it will improve my writing a teeny-tiny bit . (Or maybe not.) What I know for sure is that: In the future, when I look back at April 2012, I’ll know what I did during this month. 😉

So, here’s the challenge:  I will write about the chosen topic of the day. I chose some of the topics to force me to do something creative and write about it.  I hope to tap my creative side (if I still have one). The topics chosen are based on my interests.

If you are a blogger, you are free to join me. Let me know by leaving a comment so I can read your entries, too. 😀

Note to Friends

This is my futile attempt to create an artwork in my cheap uber-cool planner. In time, this will be filled with doodles.

I finally shared this blog to friends. (Although, some friends found their way to my blog.) It took some time to share my blog to everyone because I’m shy. I am not shy when sharing blog posts to strangers. I would happily link up my posts during online discussions. With friends, I fear criticisms. There, I said it. Unfavorable replies hurt when they come from people whose opinions matter me.  I just have to conquer this fear.  Fear feeds worries and my life’s goal is to live with less worries. (Correct grammar should have been “fewer worries”.) If I was brave enough to travel with Sendong even after I saw the damage and traveled again through Lanao del Norte at night, whatever fear (of criticisms) I had was immaterial. I had to get over this hurdle and move on. All it took was one wall post on Facebook. This blog post is my way of saying thanks to my friends for being kind. Don’t worry I won’t spill our secrets. 😉

BC Bloggers


I am spreading my wings so joined a blogging group. It is a fun way to link up with fellow bloggers and connect with a lot of them. As much as I have a lot of stories to tell, there are also a lot of others stories to read. I like reading as much as writing so here I am in a community of bloggers.

Through the years, I have been blogging on and off. I wrote about my interests and experiences when I like it. Most of the time, procrastination kicks and blog gets neglected.   The reason I blog is to improve on my writing and one has to write ever single day to achieve that. I still have not reached that level but by joining this group, I hope I get inspiration to persevere in this effort. To start with, I made this blog more personal by writing a lot about my life. I know it  sounds a little narcissistic. It is my way to examine myself and process my thoughts in a coherent manner.

BC Bloggers Secret is founded by Paula as a way to connect with other bloggers and eliminate the tedious process of link exchanges. If you are interested,  join  us here!


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