Taiwan Trip: Video Clips Compilation

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So what do you do when you have lots of video clips from your travel? Stitch them together, add music, write captions and upload it on Youtube. I have not really planned these videos well to create a cohesive story of my trip but since these clips are all I’ve got, I compiled them anyway. The plus side of posting the video is that I can free some disk space from my phone and laptop. I still need a lot of practice in editing videos. My hands were shaky and my editing tools were very basic ( Hello, Windows Live Movie Maker! Hahaha).  This is more of a video for myself and Gail- something we can reminisce about the trip. So apart from taking photos, I also take these video clips (if I remember them).  I also value the experience itself so there were lot of times I forget to take the photos and video- taking a moment to just enjoy the place using my senses.

I hope you get a glimpse of what Taiwan has to offer even with my very amateurish video.

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