A dress to wear for the bride’s mother

All eyes are on the bride on her wedding day. Nevertheless, the bride’s mother still needs to look stylish, elegant and regal. It is a significant day for the bride’s mother as well since it is every mother’s wish to see her daughter walk down the aisle. It can be an emotional day for the bride’s mother and she should feel confident, special and look her best. Her choice of dress can add elegance to the occasion.

One of most important decisions for the bride’s mother’s dress is color. Sometimes the color choice is dependent on the motif and color palette of the bridal entourage. Nevertheless, there are so many options in market that color changes can still be accommodated. While it is less likely for the choice to be white and black, there are other color choices that are avoided. Red and gold are not very common choices as these colors are not often flattering to women of certain age. These are quite loud colors and can sway the attention away from the bride. The best preference will be pastel tones of green, blue, violet or pink. Those are often the option for the fall mother of the bride dresses.


The most fashionable mother in her daughter’s wedding should choose the color and tones that are popular this year among the world designers. Calm blue, matte or metallic grey and coffee colors are the ones that ruled not only this season but many ones before. Any woman will look stylish in those.

For mothers with slim physique, a long evening dress will be the best choice. The dress can show off the slender figure and her graceful shape. Curvy women can choose flattering cuts that show off their assets and hide their flaws.

Another option can be mid-length dress or something below the knee. Dresses which jacket can be a versatile ensemble because the attire will look formal during the ceremony. The jacket can be removed during the reception when everyone loosens up.

One should not forget that a bride’s mother can choose a formal evening dress from a selection of mother of the bride evening dresses. They key in making the dress comfortable is to choose the right cut. Comfort can help the bride’s mother enjoy the event without being bothered by how the dress fits. She should be able to move freely while wearing the dress especially when there is a lot of walking and dancing involved.


As you can see, the bride’s mother dresses fashion has a lot of choices. The selection is varied to fit different tastes, body types, age and budget. The range of possibilities can surely make the bride’s mother happy.

Small Doses of Happiness

My friend posted on Facebook that life is a series of small miracles. We just have to notice them. I try to notice them because I can get caught up in my own busy world and fail to realize the little miracles.  I have my own little doses of happiness for the past month or so.

1. The plans for 2016. My aunt has finally booked a ticket home next year so I will be a full-time niece for four months. I am still going to figure out how to plan my work hours so that I can spend time with her.

2. My mini-herb garden. I bought some herbs in July. When my aunt went to Davao, I asked her to buy me some more.  When she came home, we had to buy pots for the herbs. Both aunts went to buy pots and one thing led to another. They bought more plants.  My pocket garden now looks like this!


3. My loving friends. I was treated to dinner by my friend, Ernelyn. I was finishing work during my birthday that I did not have time to prepare a nice dinner for my friends. Ernelyn came to my house bearing gift and declared that she would treat me to dinner.  What a sweet friend! Other friends came to celebrate with me. I feel loved.


4. Victorias Sardines! I found these in Bacolod. I could have hoarded more but I have limited baggage. This was a dorm staple during my university years. My roommates and I would feast on these, paired with salted egg and green tomatoes.  This brand is no longer widely distributed.  Good thing I remembered to check the grocery when somebody mentioned Victorias, Negros Occidental. I write more about my trip to Bacolod. For the meantime, check out my Instagram (@katrinacenteno) for stories of places I have visited.


5.  Secret Garden coloring book. I finally got a copy. Thanks to my cousin who ordered for me!

FullSizeRender (5)

6.  Hello Kitty. Since my aunt is coming home from Canada, I also need to send something to my niece in Canada when my aunt goes back.  She is is fond of Hello Kitty and who would I have thought I can order them easily through ZALORA?   She would love all these Hello Kitty Merchandise!

These are just a few of life’s simple pleasures for this month and I am looking forward to noticing more of these doses of happiness in the future.

How to Save On Honeymoons After Marriage

I am not getting married any time soon. I am not even in a relationship. I just know how to daydream. I just came from a trip and it does trigger some thoughts. These tips below can apply to regular travel, not just honeymoon.

A luxurious, picturesque wedding can be a large expenditure, hampering the budget that is left to be spent on the honeymoon. In many families, funds for the honeymoon are gifted to the couple from wedding guests and family members. In others, the parents of the bride or groom may choose to pay for the honeymoon as a single wedding gift. However, the honeymoon is not always completely funded, leaving it up to the newly married couple to plan the honeymoon within their allowed budget.

Buying Travel Packages
Many companies, such as hotel chains and airlines, offer traveling packages as honeymoons. Honeymoon packages usually consist of airfare, a hotel stay, and a car rental for the duration of the vacation. These packages can give huge discounts, but the couple can expect to save at least 5% to 10%. When traveling to places like Paris, France or London, England, those small discounts can make a huge difference.

Honeymooning During the Off Season
Many travel destinations have off seasons. Off seasons are times during the year that the destination receives few tourists as compared to the tourist season. During the off season, hotel stays are cheaper, fine dining is less crowded, and there are many more private opportunities (such as being alone on a beach).

Booking At the Right Time
In addition to privacy and cheaper hotel rooms during the off season, booking at the right time can yield cheap airfare as well. Many report that airfare is at its cheapest 47 days before the day of the flight; therefore, this is the best day to book it. It is also best to depart and arrive on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, as weekend flights will cost much more on average.

Staying Local
If the couple decides to avoid paying $300 or more in travel expenses, they can opt for a more local honeymoon. They could travel within 400 miles of their residence over the course of a few hours usually. The cost of gas will be much lower than the price of plane tickets or long road trips. Almost every couple can find a romantic retreat within a 400 mile radius.

A honeymoon does not have to cost as much as a down payment on a home. Frugal newlyweds can find hundreds of ways to save on their honeymoon, with the biggest savings applying to the destination, method of travel, and the hotel stay.

Applying For Trucking Jobs

After you have completed the courses required to drive a truck on the road, you might begin thinking about where to look for work and what kind of jobs are available. There are OTR truck driving jobs that make up more than just a transfer truck. You can find companies online that are hiring or visit truck driving schools to see if they can help with finding a job. Another option is to go to a truck stop. There are some companies that will post jobs that are available because of the number of truck drivers who use the business.

When you begin the process of talking to companies about a job, there are some things to consider about the size of the company and how long you will be on the road. It’s best to start applying for jobs before you finish your trucking class so that you have something lined up when you get your certificate and license. Some companies will give you a conditional employment that will depend on your completion of the course. There are companies that will pay for your schooling if you promise to work for that company after you complete the course.

As you begin hearing back from companies, you need to start narrowing down your choices based on the benefits offered and the time that you will be behind the wheel. Some will guarantee that you are home on the weekends while others want yaou on the road whenever you are needed. You also need to look at the area where you are applying. Some states have more jobs than others. The weather through the year can play a part in how many jobs are available. Try to avoid searching for a job in a state that sees a large amount of snow and ice as it will sometimes be difficult to stay on the road during these conditions. Until you get the experience driving, you will likely only be able to find OTR trucking jobs. It might not be the ideal situation driving for hours at a time, but it will give you the experience that you need to handle stopping at weigh stations and staying alert while driving.

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