A Weekend in Carmen

One fine weekend in June, work led me to a small enclave of a paradise. How lucky was I to be working on a weekend and waking up with this view!


This is in a private rest house. The place is beautiful that it makes me want to work hard in order to afford a little place of paradise for myself one day.

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The place is in Carmen, Agusan del Norte and it has access to a beach.  The beach was rocky. Although you need beach shoes to wade into the water, the water was so clear. I can see the fishes.

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I did not bring swimwear so I hang out on those rocks.  I saw this fisherfolk in a boat made of 3 halves of a plastic barrel. He said that the simplest boat would cost Php 5,000 (approx $110) and that is pretty expensive for him.  This is Filipino ingenuity.  This boat may not be seaworthy but it is enough for the fisherfolk to get a day’s catch for the family and more.

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Our host’s neighbor had these huts and tree house.

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Farther left was this view.

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What a weekend!  I would not mind working again like this: perfect views, great people and full of hope for the future! Even the food was great!

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Easy Ways to Find the Freshest Seafood

If you’re a seafood lover, you might be less than impressed with what’s on offer at the supermarket. The prices are always high, and the fish, crab, mussels, and shrimp don’t exactly look like they just came out of the net. Thankfully, you’ve got alternative sources.

Internet Shopping

Yep. That’s right. You can mail order seafood, even special items like cracking stone crab claws. Overnight shipping from reputable dealers will get you tuna, crab legs, and even caviar before the supermarket buyers can get a delivery from their distributors. When you find the right company, you’ll often be getting shipments packed and shipped straight out of the fishing boats.

Greater Online Selection

By shopping online for your seafood, you’ll have access to a larger selection. Your local market likely only has access to the most popular species. When you expand your options to the online market, you’ll be able to get items that might be rare. This will give you a chance to try that gourmet recipe that caught your eye in a magazine. Maybe you’ll even get to recreate that fantastic dish you enjoyed at a coastal restaurant while on vacation.

Catch It Yourself

Speaking of vacations, you could consider a fishing vacation. Joining a charter boat group at a coastal tourist destination is easy. You’ll need to buy a fishing license for that region and adhere to the rules that designate which fish and of what size you can keep. Then, you’ll get to keep what you catch. Be sure to pack the fish into an ice chest for transport home. You could even ship it to your home if you want.

Make Friends with a Fisher

If spending your vacation fishing does not appeal to you, then maybe you know someone who loves to go fishing. You could offer that person some money for a portion of the catch or barter for it.

Your local supermarket is not your only way to access the bounty of the sea. Online shopping offers you great convenience and a big selection. Going fishing creates the opportunity for outdoor fun and maybe even adventure.

5 Summer Ways To Have Fun With Your Golf Cart

We’ve all been waiting long enough. Summer is finally here! The time and money you spent on repairs and Yamaha golf cart parts was worth it. Now you’re ready to take the cart out for a spin with friends and family. Here are just a few ways you can enjoy your Yamaha golf cart this summer.

Beach Buggy

Now is the perfect time to take a family beach vacation. There are few activities more relaxing than enjoying the sun and surf, but just think of how much easier it would be to get everyone and everything to the beach and back with a beach utility vehicle! It can mean spending less time in transit and more time having fun on the shoreline.

Fishing Cart

Who doesn’t love an afternoon of fishing? The afternoon can be even better with your Yamaha golf cart to get you to the lake. Just load your fishing gear up and head out. Just leave room for all of the fish you’ll be bringing home!

Recreational Vehicle

School is out, but the kids still have games and practices to get to. Travel short distances with your golf cart, and you’ll have room for the kids’ sports gear and equipment too. It’s more practical than walking and won’t consume fuel like your car. Not only that, but it gives you a great place to watch the game from. Tip: On those super hot days, bring along a cooler full of refreshments.

Neighborhood Cruiser

Whether you have a play date for the kids, a pool party, or a backyard BBQ to attend, leave your car in the garage and hop in your golf cart. Cruising down the block to your destination will be an easy, fun ride.

Off-Road Golf Cart

Summertime is the best time to explore the great outdoors. Take your golf cart and head out on your next camping adventure. You can bring along the sleeping bags, tent, coolers, food, and more. All of your supplies will fit easily into your golf cart.

With all of the great ways you can use your Yamaha golf cart this summer, there’s no excuse to stay indoors this season. Time to pack up and head out!

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