I sometimes see this bottle sold in the market.


The vendor said it is tuyom. Tuyom is the Visayan word for sea urchin.  The vendor said I can saute it in garlic, onion and tomato.

One bottle costs Php 100 and it can produce four servings of sauteed sea urchin.

It was delicious.

This is Day 22 of the 30-day blogging challenge.

Origami: Anti-Aging?

I recently read this New York Times article.

When it comes to mental agility, we’re more likely to think of crosswords than cross-stitch. But neuroscientists suspect that learning a challenging new skill — a new language, a new musical instrument — may be even more effective than mental games at keeping the brain sharp. And quilting is more complicated than it may seem.

Even before I shared this link, my friend already took up quilting as a hobby and her quilts are beautiful.

I do not have the drive to learn quilting but I wanted to learn other skills so I thought of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. This website showed step-by-step instructions. This is what I produced after 2 hours of folding. I used the pages from an old magazine.

From the top; left to right: rose bowl, day lily, lily, 8-petal flower, tulip, cornflower

 Here are some cute origami decors I found in the Internet:

Source: http://harujiondesign.blogspot.com/2011/04/modern-origami-wall-decor.html


Source: http://www.bloomize.com/origami-roses/

Source: http://onossocasamento.pt/forum/origami-1

Who wants an origami wedding bouquet?

Source: http://www.weddingoo.com/origami-wedding-bouquet/

Source: http://www.weddingoo.com/origami-wedding-bouquet/origami2/

I should start collecting cute wrapping papers (and quit doing sudoku).


This is supposed to be Day 21 of the 30-day blogging challenge.


Who would have thought Zachary Levi can sing?  Here’s Zachary Levi with Mandy Moore:

Zachary Levi did a duet with Katherine McPhee. I know someone who played this song over and over again last year.

I rooted for Katherine McPhee in Americal Idol. She is now in ‘Smash’, a television series about a broadway show about Marilyn Monroe.

Megan Hilty is a revelation in Smash. Amazing voice and I just found out she played Glinda in ‘Wicked’.

Speaking of Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Williams played Marilyn in My Week With Marilyn
and I am thinking if I should watch this movie. She won a Golden Globes for this role.

So many promising young performers, I love it!

This is supposed to be Day 20 of the 30-day blogging challenge.

Afternoon Music

We almost missed the sunset but I am glad I was able to take this picture.

As we cruised along the highway, music blared from the car.  Since I forgot the songs he played, I am just going to share the song I kept singing yesterday.  I found a Gary Valenciano pop version.



This is supposed to be Day 19 of the 30-day blogging challenge.

TED Videos

Whenever I want to be inspired, I watch TED videos. (To learn more about TED, read here.)

I do not know how to swim or dive so it fascinates me to see the underwater creatures.  This video is a testament to the beauty of the ocean.

Here’s a story about a brain scientist suffering a stroke: It is an remarkable story because it helps us understand how our brains work during a stroke. Who is better to explain that than a brain scientist who experienced stroke and survived to tell the tale.



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