Customized Gift Wrapping Paper (Part Two)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

My computer conked out on December 24 so I took it as a sign to take a break.  It is Christmas anyway.

I always wanted to get creative with my gift wrapping so I combined three art projects into one: origami, personalized printed paper and rubber stamping. Now you know who will receive this gift. Hehehe!

I got the rubber stamps and gift tags from Isobelle. I bought pattern paper from an office supplies store and I stamped away!  😀 Pattern paper only costs P2.50 per piece. It is the paper that a seamstress uses to make the pattern for clothes. These gifts were given to my godsons.

How was your Christmas?


Source: via Wendy on Pinterest


Merry, Merry Mail Swap

I joined a mail swap organized by Hey Kessy. Hey Kessy is an online shop that sells washi tapes.  Since I love D-I-Y projects, the idea of sending them to another person and receiving some craft projects excites me. The theme for December mail swap is Christmas. We are supposed to fill a package with anything Christmas-related. Handmade objects were preferred.



This afternoon, I got my package from Isobelle. It was placed in brown envelope customized with a snowflake cut-out.

I knew this is something special. Look how she used dainty paper doily to write a note for me.

I love her penmanship and the red/white motif.

I also got a handmade rubber stamp and stamped envelopes . I am going to use this when I wrap my presents this Christmas.

These are embroidered tags. Galing no?

The awesome part of the package is this intricate cutout of her wish to me. So beautiful! What a sweet lady!

Plus, I got peppermint candies as a bonus. I love how they are consistent with the red/white theme.

My uncle and aunts were quick to eat a piece each. I love the candies, too!

Thank you, Isobelle, for my loot! Here is my wish for you!



Because Isobelle made lovely things for me, I now worry if the recipient of my package liked what I sent over. I am not really an excellent crafter. I had several ideas in mind but it never materialized because I lacked the skills needed. 🙁 So, I stuck with projects I know how. 😀 I will do better next time. 😀


Geometric Fascination

I have a mathematics degree. Although I do not use the complex theories in every day life that often, it fascinates me to see how those complexities are applied into technology we enjoy today. Yes, those nifty gadgets you enjoy  use complex mathematical codes.

I do not want to pretend to know these things because I really don’t know a lot.  So, I venture into simpler things.

Lately, I have been enjoying origami. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. It is actually a fusion of geometry and art. I wanted to learn how to create as star using origami paper and what I had in my stash was a square origami paper. However, creating the star required me to have a pentagon paper.  I thought about using a protractor to create 72-degree angles at the center to create my pentagon but I do not own a protractor.  It turns out I can always Google and find out.  Using angle bisectors and other geometric theorem, some smart people were able to apply geometry to origami. Why didn’t I think of that?

 Oh, I just followed the instructions to come up with this one:

I find the geometry and symmetry in origami fascinating.

What I am interested in is creating my own origami designs. I think I need a refresher course in geometry. There are geometry lessons available on the Internet. Some students think that having an online tutor is a nice choice to geometry help online. I will look into that option. A good tutor would be able to explain those concepts well.


3 Ways to Save this Christmas

Christmas is really near. I have already put up my Christmas tree last week.  I picked white decors for the tree.

I had all-white decors on tree because the slipcovers in my living room are all red.

I did not buy those decors. I borrowed from my neighbor, my aunt! We swapped some Christmas decors.  You really do not have to buy new decors. You can borrow! I am lucky the my aunts had pretty ornaments.

I still have not gone full force with the Christmas spirit as I have not done any Christmas shopping for my godchildren.  I am thinking about getting creative with my gift wrapping. I can do small boxes using origami. I bought these origami papers from a Japanese store. You may use old magazine pages as origami paper.

If you have small items as gifts, you can create origami boxes like this.

If you have not bought anything (like me), try buying online.  You can avoid crowded malls and the inconvenience of traffic.

Personally, I like giving books as gifts for another person and as a gift for myself.

I just came from a seminar that deals with numbers. I have math degree and  I have not used it much other than simple arithmetic.  The seminar gave insights on analyzing tables and learning how to use them to understand certain phenomena. I checked my college textbooks and it seemed that I no longer have them.

Good thing there is Slugbooks. It is a portal by which you can search for textbooks and the search results would give you the list of sellers where you can buy the book.  With that, you can compare textbooks at  and pick the amount where it can give you value for money.

How about you? What are your tips to save money this Christmas?


Getting Some Nuffnang Love

I love writing and blogging contests. Maybe because I won in the first contest I joined.  I lost in a few. But that did not dampen my spirit.

So, I joined and joined.

I got the consolation prizes delivered last week.

Goodbye, germs! I got the Safeguard gift pack which I shared with my family.

And the Php1,000 Sodexo gift certificate.

I gave Php400 to my aunts. We bought Selecta Cornetto with the Php100 so I am left with Php500 which I will use to buy stuff from Watsons!

Watsons just opened in my city. I was not able to check it out because of the crowds. Soon!

Here’s what I got from Benetton!

If you have a blog and have not joined Nuffnang, you should.  I have not really cashed out with my Nuffnang ad revenues but, with all the freebies I got, I will not worry about it even if I cash out in 2 years or more. Metro Manila bloggers have better opportunities than those in provinces (like me) because they get to enjoy a lot of free movie screenings. Nevertheless, I am still happy with my loot!

Thanks, Nuffnang!

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