A simple Noche Buena

We had a simple Christmas celebration. We prepared dishes in small batches- food we can all consume  in a day or two.  We used to have Christmas celebrations where we ate leftovers upon leftovers a few days after. We did not want that kind of celebration anymore. We just made sure we had ham. We chose the complementary dishes according to ease in preparation; thus, we had the perennial favorite, Pinoy spaghetti! My aunt requested vegetable salad. For dessert, we had buko salad (using gelatin that looks like buko), cupcakes (a gift from a cousin) and my fruit bar (recipe will be shared on the next blog post).

By preparing simple dishes, we did not have to be slaves in the kitchen all day and end up exhausted by midnight. We had time to just be in the moment. My nephew came so we had bonding moments with the cutie pie who is now 5 months old.

How was your Christmas?

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