Fruit bar

Even if fruitcake was a popular treat for Christmas, I was not really fond of it.  In my baking class last year, we were taught how to bake fruit cake without the molasses.  I like fruit cake that way. I acquired a little bit of fondness for this kind of fruit cake.

This year, I discovered effortless baking. Well, it was more like lazy baking. Thus, I trooped to the grocery for another cake mix to experiment on. I found this.

At the back of the box, mango bar was a suggested recipe. I remember enjoying the mango bar from Red Ribbon. I decided to try that one but there were no dried mangoes available. However, glazed fruits were available.

I followed the instructions on the box and mixed in the glazed fruit before baking.  Tada!

Since the photo in the box showed bars of butterscotch goodness, I cut the baked product the same way and placed them on cupcake liners.

Cutting them into perfect bars was difficult! I think the trick is patience- the patience to wait for the cake to cool down completely. I did not have the patience to wait. Thus, crumbs were formed as the knife sliced through the cake.

My taste tester approved of the baked product that she asked me to bake another batch to give to relatives. We placed it in a nice box.

Thus, I named this recipe as the “Fruit bar”.

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