Where did my January go?

I had a full January schedule. No, I am not complaining. I am just thankful for the opportunities.

For this year, I went old school with my planner. I bought a generic hallmark planner. I am keeping things simple. 😀

I am now a legitimate professional.  Well, something like that. I just wanted to pay taxes. Since I am a freelancer, I am required to register the services I offer as a business.  All the while, I thought I will just declare my income and compute taxes based on what I declared.   So, I went through the whole process. I have to pay taxes monthly, quarterly and annually.  And I have to keep books.  I had to refer to my cousin who’s a CPA on how to do entries on the accounting books.  Yes, I am a mathematics major with zero accounting knowledge.  Quite ironic when both my parents were accounting majors yet I cannot ask them anymore because they are no longer around.

I am a believer that if you do not vote or pay taxes, you have no right to complain about lousy government services.

I have been to four provinces this month with only 1 photo as proof of one of my trips.

I also went to my friend’s graduation. I promised to be there so I did. She took a course on organic farming. Pretty cool, huh? I love how she continues to enjoy learning when she already have an MBA under her belt.

I learned a lot this month and I welcome what comes my way this February.

By January 31, I felt I need to take a break so I devoured lanzones sent over by my cousins from their farm.

I never expected to be that busy last month. Thank you, God!


Source: doingwhatmakesmehappy.tumblr.com via kat on Pinterest

One of my favorite websites, Googly Gooeys, just released this illustration. I am of the third kind. 😀

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