The 4Fs of the Season

Family. Friends. Food. Faith

This is a rundown of what happened over the Holidays.

By December 3,  my Christmas tree was up.  I pushed myself to do it by that time or else I would never be able to do it in the succeeding days.


 The city lit up, too. I love how they used old water jugs as Christmas lights. Can you tell the water jugs in one of the photos below?
We always celebrate Christmas in a simple way. We just cooked spaghetti, dinuguan, ham and pudding.


As promised, we had cupcakes. We bought the cupcakes and I made the frosting.

Oh, we made our favorite… the mango float!

Mango is a favorite ingredient that, in one party with friends,  we had mango roll, mango bars, mango sago and mango (the fruit itself).

My Christmas vacation was full of gathering with family and friends.

I also invited my cousin over so we can bake cookies and cake and we can bring them for another cousin who invited us to her home for coffee.

The cookies were divine. They are of the melt-on-your-mouth kind.

And look at the chocolate cake!

Who would have thought we baked them in a oven with a broken door?
There was a problem with the mechanism on my oven door. While checking on the cookie, I opened the oven door only to realize I could no longer close it tight. I pushed it hard that I broke the handle. We baked the cookies with an oven door ajar! Adding to the stress, my cousin mistook the baking soda for flour. The chewy cookies we baked tasted bitter. It was the most stressful afternoon for her in her more than 15 years of baking experience. But we are doing this again once I get my oven fixed. Yes, we never give up!

Of course, the Christmas season is best celebrated with kids. My nephew enjoyed our simple gift we gave him on New Year’s Day.

Yes, we now own a fireboat. I checked with the captain for status yesterday. The fireboat had mechanical trouble!

Amid the festivities, we remember the reason for the season, the One who came into this world and died for us to save us from sins. Thank you, Jesus!

How about you? What did you do the past two weeks?

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