Landybridal Lace Wedding Dresses

I recently learned how to draw lace.  Drawing lace looks difficult but once to you learn how to do it, you can get satisfaction from the output. I thank Lindsey for her blog post on this.


It occurred to me  that lace adds sophistication on any object.  One of the best uses of lace can be seen in lace wedding dresses.  Even with a simple silhouette like this dress, the lace bodice becomes the main attraction of the dress. Lace can add that touch of class to any simple gown. It  also draws the attention to the face.  After all, the main draw to any wedding is the bride.


But if you want to be trendy especially for wedding dresses 2016, you might want to pick lace and champagne tulle combination. While white may be the usual color choice for wedding gowns, champagne may be an alternative color choice. With white lace embellishments, the bride would surely stand out on her wedding day. This dreamy lace dress is perfect for those spring and summer weddings.  It is an unexpected color choice but it still shows sophistication. Look at how the lace made the dress extra special!


If you a still looking for the perfect wedding dress, check out Landybridal. With their selection of wedding dresses, you are sure to find something that will be perfect for you and your wedding party.

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