5 Summer Ways To Have Fun With Your Golf Cart

We’ve all been waiting long enough. Summer is finally here! The time and money you spent on repairs and Yamaha golf cart parts was worth it. Now you’re ready to take the cart out for a spin with friends and family. Here are just a few ways you can enjoy your Yamaha golf cart this summer.

Beach Buggy

Now is the perfect time to take a family beach vacation. There are few activities more relaxing than enjoying the sun and surf, but just think of how much easier it would be to get everyone and everything to the beach and back with a beach utility vehicle! It can mean spending less time in transit and more time having fun on the shoreline.

Fishing Cart

Who doesn’t love an afternoon of fishing? The afternoon can be even better with your Yamaha golf cart to get you to the lake. Just load your fishing gear up and head out. Just leave room for all of the fish you’ll be bringing home!

Recreational Vehicle

School is out, but the kids still have games and practices to get to. Travel short distances with your golf cart, and you’ll have room for the kids’ sports gear and equipment too. It’s more practical than walking and won’t consume fuel like your car. Not only that, but it gives you a great place to watch the game from. Tip: On those super hot days, bring along a cooler full of refreshments.

Neighborhood Cruiser

Whether you have a play date for the kids, a pool party, or a backyard BBQ to attend, leave your car in the garage and hop in your golf cart. Cruising down the block to your destination will be an easy, fun ride.

Off-Road Golf Cart

Summertime is the best time to explore the great outdoors. Take your golf cart and head out on your next camping adventure. You can bring along the sleeping bags, tent, coolers, food, and more. All of your supplies will fit easily into your golf cart.

With all of the great ways you can use your Yamaha golf cart this summer, there’s no excuse to stay indoors this season. Time to pack up and head out!

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