Why You Should Consider Buying DJ Headphones Even If You Are Not a DJ

If you are a music lover but are not a DJ, you may wonder if getting a decent pair of mainstream headphones is even possible. DJ headphones provide greater sound quality and clarity and are more functional than a typical, standard pair of headphones that are worn by the masses. In this article, we will discuss why you should still consider investing in a good pair of DJ headphones even if you are not a DJ and do not plan on becoming one in the foreseeable future.

  1. Noise isolation. While mainstream headphones likely offer the noise cancellation feature, it is highly unlikely that the quality is as good as a decent pair of DJ headphones. The importance of noise isolation is to drown out all of the other sounds around you so that you can listen to the music in your ears. Noise isolation will omit any background interference and allow you to concentrate strictly on the notes that are playing in to your ears. If you do not have noise isolation, you will likely find yourself cranking up the volume to hear the music better, however all you are doing is damaging your inner ear.
  2. Accurate sound. It is imperative for a good DJ to use headphones that offer accurate sound and good bass. The reason that this feature is critical is because it allows them to mix songs with little room for error.
  3. Made with high quality materials. While mainstream headphones are made of decent materials, it is likely that DJ headphones are guaranteed to be durable and sturdy. DJ’s move around a great deal as they spin tracks for the crowd. Not to mention, DJ’s travel often and their headphones must be able to stand up to wear and tear that is caused by being transported frequently.
  4. Coiled or straight cord. Whether you get a pair of headphones with a straight or coiled cord is strictly of personal preference. DJ’s tend to prefer the coiled version as it allows more flexibility when moving around the stage or DJ booth.
  5. Swiveled ear pieces. The ability to listen to music with one ear pressed up against the headphones while the other ear is free to listen to the music that is currently playing is a great feature offered in DJ headphones. If you are not a DJ, you do not need this feature, however it could come in useful when you least expect it. The fact that you have the option to swivel your earpiece is a nice perk to have.
  6. Comfort. Last but certainly not least is the importance of comfort. DJ headphones are built to a different level of comfort standards than a typical pair of headphones. Because DJ’s wear their headphones for hours at a time, and typically around their neck, there is usually a great deal of cushion and added comfort when manufacturing DJ headphones. 

If these reasons do convince you that investing in a pair of DJ headphones is a great idea regardless of your DJ status, check out some additional very useful reviews that will likely answer any doubts you may have.

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