Whitney Houston, 1963-2012

I cannot claim to be a Whitney Houston fan. I did not follow her career. However, I do acknowledge her voice is captivating and powerful. Her untimely death is a great loss to the music industry.

The Dubai Fountain paid tribute to Whitney Houston’s legacy though a fountain show choreographed to “I  Will Always Love You”.

In the recent Grammy Awards, Jennifer Hudson also paid tribute to Whitney Houston.

Last week, in a Lea Salonga fan group, we were busy talking about the BYU feature on Lea Salonga. When Lea Salonga auditioned for Miss Saigon, her audition piece was “On My Own” from Les Miserables. When Claude-Michel Schonberg asked her to sing another song, she sang “The Greatest Love of All”. This is a clip of from the BYU feature with Lea singing her version of “The Greatest Love of All”. Little did we know, this turned out to be a fitting tribute to Whitney Houston.

Incidentally, I wrote a blog post on singing last December. I cited “The Greatest Love of All” as one of the three songs that I know from the heart. I did mention Whitney Houston in that post.

RIP, Whitney Houston.

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